Three Crystals to Help You with Anxiety Attack

Three Crystals to Help You with Anxiety Attack

Hi crystal lovers,

Recently we received a question from a Pretland subscriber who was concerned about her co-worker who was going through some difficult moments in her life.

“I'm sure this has been asked before but what is a good crystal to help with anxiety? I have a co-worker who suffers from anxiety attacks, ones she sometimes has at night. Keeps her up makes her tired and she is on medication for them. I would love to help her. Any suggestions for ones she might be able to put under her pillow at night to help her sleep maybe? Thank you”

I always feel that as spiritual beings, we are always more empathetic and sensitive to those around us, especially if they are hurting.

When it comes to anxiety, it is not easy to deal with it as someone who has been through it before. 

Thankfully, I have three crystals in mine to help someone feel better when they suffer from these attacks at night.

1. White Howlite

White Howlite is a crystal that not many crystal lovers know about but did you know it does wonders for those who battle against anxiety every day?

This is because the crystal helps you to release emotional pain that might cause us to feel anxious all the time so that we can let go of painful experiences in the past.

2. Rose Quartz

Apart from being the crystal of love, Rose Quartz is another great crystal for calmness and harmony so that you will be able to stay grounded and present all the time.

By being one with the Earth and connected to its energy, it will help you release the emotional pain and naturally become less anxious. 

Try going out to the park or your garden to blend in with nature while wearing a Rose Quartz piece of jewelry sometimes.

3. Amethyst

Lastly, we have Amethyst, one of my favorite crystals when it comes to healing emotional pain, soothing stress and even anxiety.

Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing powers that help you to wash away all the negativity inside that makes us anxious.

Hence it helps us to keep a clear mind so we can focus on the positive things instead.

While these crystals can help us for sure with anxiety attacks and sleep better at night, there are other ways as well.

That can help us such as doing inner spiritual work and daily meditation.

Lastly, why not treat yourself to a gift or crystal jewelry that can provide you with the emotional healing we all need?




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    Pretland Team
  • What do you have for men who suffer with severe anxiety?


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