Best Crystals For Cleansing And Purifying Your Space

Best Crystals For Cleansing And Purifying Your Space

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Best Crystals For Cleansing And Purifying Your Space


Bad energy can stop you from connecting to and attaining your higher self.

Have you ever been in an environment, house, or among friends where you can tell that the energy around is either suffocating, unimpressive or dark?

You cannot only see or tell the physical state of the place but can also feel the place - the energy in the space.

Purifying your space means purging the negative energies you can sense in the space, even if they haven’t started actively influencing the area.

While there are several ways to purify a space, one significant way to do it is by using natural crystals for cleansing and purifying your space.

4 Crystals For Cleansing And Purifying Your Space

The best crystals for purifying your space and removing negative energies are:

1. Black Tourmaline

As a crystal lover, you may have heard of Shock-absorbing materials or energy-absorbing crystals (negative energy). The black tourmaline is precisely that.

Yes. This crystal takes in negative energy and creates a positive energy shield around you and your space. When your energy levels are low due to an overshadowing, this stone helps to bring light into the gloom and serves as the perfect pick-me-up.

The black tourmaline crystal comes in several colors, ranging from watermelon color, a variety of red hue, and intense green color to Paraiba. These colors help to balance your chakras’ potential forms of energy.

You could say it is a very versatile stone that keeps your energy in check.

2. Selenite

Selenite is a powerful healing crystal that clears blocked energy, taking away unwanted energies from your surroundings.

This masterpiece provides peace and calm in a cluttered mind while bringing clarity mentally and emotionally.

You can use the crystal to cleanse your energy, home, and even other crystals.

The Selenite holds a positive essence that focuses on blocked energy. Blocked energy could be evident when one is afraid to have conversations that may be a bit tough with someone who has hurt them, causing problems like ill health, body tension, etc.

3. Citrine

I know a crystal lover who places the citrine stone in the corners of her office, which doubles as her home.

I asked her why she’s so obsessed with the stone, and she said, “I have heard people say they have or are experiencing a creative block and did not understand then. I once was in their shoes. Ever since I intimately started building a good relationship with my crystal, I have been able to reach a level of healing where my ideas are now fresh and creative.”

If you feel blinded and struggle to gain clarity, having the citrine stone on hand is suitable for bringing calm and clarity to get your creative juices flowing.

If you are bashful and looking to live a quiet, balanced life, this natural stone will help you stay calm in triggering situations.

4. Amethyst

A friendship filled with love and a connection that is more than just going out to eat together or having sleepovers is one where we can speak freely, chill but more especially find solace around one another.

Inviting your friends over is a great idea. You get to have conversations where the energy is vibrant and beautiful; matters are aired and cleared. This action can be activated using one of the best cleansing crystals - The Amethyst.

This crystal rids your space of negative thoughts and energy while creating a relaxed atmosphere where you can be open and vulnerable with your circle. It is ideal for use at home, where you often have family gatherings.

Why Do You Need To Purify Your Space

Tell me one thing you can’t do without - Air. Right now, you may want to go closer to the window and immerse yourself in the fresh air coming inside. Now tell me, how do you feel?.

You see, your space should be allowed to breathe, creating a pathway to new energy for you. It is crucial to preserve untainted energy everywhere you find yourself; by doing so, you can enter into a deeper state of stability while reflecting with gratitude.

Some benefits of using these best crystals for cleansing and purifying your space include:

● Enjoying ease naturally.
● Elimination of impurities and aromatic benefits
● Gaining clarity to make better decisions
● Improved bond with families and friends
● Sensitivity to the energy in your space so that you can stay on guard to protect yourself from negative energy.


It is essential to keep the aura around you shining, bubbling, and optimistic. That way, you will start the day feeling invigorated and end it the same.

Blocked energy is terrible, and if you are intentional about it, you can use these natural stones to purify your space and live your best life daily.





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