Crystals for Protection and Healing

Crystals for Protection and Healing

Crystals for Protection and Healing

Hi Pretland family,

Today I will be presenting you with crystals for protection and healing.

Due to the building up of hostility and chaos in our world today, the need for crystals for protection and healing has become paramount.

Pretland family cares about your health and safety. We have selected the best spiritual crystals just for you.

These crystals are capable of creating a nurturing force field around you, protecting you from vices and negative energy.

We recommend black tourmaline, obsidian, and selenite. The first two being more potent, they can connect you with the center of the earth. They enhance your life span while protecting you. They also augment your aura, drawing in favored opportunities.

Our amethyst has been ratified to clear one's mind, pushing them to overcome their previous limit. They enable you to act wisely during danger and desperate measures.

Let’s see what each of them can do.

Black Tourmaline; Crystal for healing and protecting.

Our black tourmaline has been ratified for its healing and protection properties especially against psychic attacks and permissive thinking.

 It saps in negative energy leaving behind neutrality and healing in its place. I highly recommend black tourmaline for healing and protection against cancer. It is known to cub hazardous radiations from our electronic appliances, which includes our phones and laptops that could have led to cancer.

 You can make necklaces, rings, or other clothing accessories from it, just make sure you carry it when you entering a situation that brings anxiety and involves danger. It is advisable to carry one, as you carry your phone around to maintain neutrality.

Obsidian; Crystal for absorbing negativity.

Are you plagued with ill vibes and unfortunate situations? This crystal is just for you. Obsidian is also called volcanic glass.

 It was made from molten lava that cooled quickly. It naturally serves as a negativity absorber. It sucks up ill vibes and pessimism and needs cleaning after a while.

After purchasing your obsidian, you should celebrate the moment by the ceremony of cleaning your newly purchasing obsidian under running water and visualizing all the negative energy as they are been washed out of your life, flowing down the drain.

Obsidian also serves as a truth-seeker, since it can serve as a compass to navigate the source of negativity around you. Purchase your obsidian here today, and also learn how to effectively use it.

Amethyst; Crystal for potent healing and mental health.

Amethyst’s healing ability has been the subject of both myth and legend. It has been used right from early times to treat from a spider bit to acne. Greek mythology also portrays its usefulness in mental health. Natural health practitioners have ratified that amethyst possesses physical healing including:

  • enhancing the immune system
  • improving endocrine function
  • improving the skin’s appearance
  • promoting digestive health
  • reducing headaches
  • regulating hormones

These are all scientifically unproven claims; however, testimonies of remarkable healing prove otherwise. Our purple amethysts the most potent and affordable.

How to use Crystals for protection and healing

If you are interested to try out any of the benefits of our crystals for yourself, here are a few ways you can use them efficiently:

1. For healing

  • Always carry them with you as they gradually absorb your negative energy and clear your mind.
  • Drinking from crystal infused water is another to cub bad energy and infirmities but it must be from a guaranteed and trusted source.
  • We can also perform manifesting, which involves holding the crystals and making a wish or a word of hope. This can lead to better recovery than when the crystal is simply treated as an object
  • Meditation in contact with the crystal is another means of using the crystal. It enables the crystal to release more positive energy and creates clarity of the mind, thereby, enhancing your absorption of this energy.
  • Placing your crystal in your bath is good since that is a means of the elemental release getting the pores of our skin, into our body gradually terminating the flow of negative energy.
  • One of the most traditional methods of healing by crystals is performed by placing these crystals on chakra points, meridians or dantian. Hence, the infirmity is terminated at its place of action. You may end up feeling better than how you were when he well.

2. For Protection

  • You have to carry a small piece of crystal in your pocket or purse.
  • Wear jewelry made from the crystals, such as a necklace, bracelet, or ring.
  • Place these crystals in your home at centralized places. You could even use it to decorate your flower vests or TV stands. Any place where all the rooms converge is a perfect place for a protection crystal.

These crystals absorb negative energy and diseases, they demand to be cleaned periodically by you to enable them to continue their function.

The value of these Crystals

One would say isn't it just a jewel, while the promise of both protection and healing. But I will assure you have not been scammed.

For science lovers, those that can only be convinced by facts.

I have taken the time to draft out a few.

The University of Hawaii cancer stated the existence of cancerous minerals on gravel roads in Dunn County, North Dakota according to Science News, July 26, 2011. Those who breathe in the air every day are at high risk of developing mesothelioma. The reason for this was Erionite when airborne lodges its fibers into people’s lungs.

National Cancer Institute (NCI), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) together with other agencies are speaking of illnesses like a terminal disease, cancer, caused by harmful radiation emitted by certain minerals and even our mobile phones are guilty of this.

We see that the influences by these elements of negative energy are unavoidable. Nature always finds a way to balance itself by creating an element of tranquility, crystals, capable of neutralizing the World’s vices. Pretland family finds a way to bring you the best, right here are the crystals you need.





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