High Crystals to Improve Your Mood

High Crystals to Improve Your Mood

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High Crystals to Improve Your Mood


We feel tired, confused, and overwhelmed at certain times in our lives, just wanting to curl up under the covers, close the door, or call in a sick day.

During those periods, we cannot concentrate at work to effectively carry out tasks and projects. Even the simple things like going grocery shopping, meeting up with friends, and doing the things you love become daunting chores. You have to force yourself to try and meet up with deadlines, fake a smile when you are around friends.

With the present global situation and circumstances around us, it is becoming increasingly hard not to feel hopeless, lost, discouraged, and depressed. But, with all that is happening, there is still hope. And some of the hope we need to get through every day come in the form of nature's generous gift to us; crystals.

For hundreds of years, crystals have been used as healing aids for physical wellness and emotional and mental health. Crystals radiate positive energy that can boost your mood and supply you with a healthy dose of desire, happiness, hope, and assurance to balance out the negative energy around you and keep you going every day.

Here are some crystals that can help improve your mood every day:


When you are faced with negative emotions that threaten to drown you in a sea of anxiety, hopelessness, anxiety, and frustration, remember the turquoise gemstone. The calming effect of the stone is akin to the surface of a clear, still lake.

Turquoise is associated with serenity, peace, hope, patience, emotional balance, and tranquility. The gemstone will help clear those troubling thoughts that keep you awake at night, dispelling negative energy associated with anger and fear to fill you with happy thoughts and a renewed mind. It can also be used to foster peace in an environment filled with conflict, e.g., your work environment.

You can put the crystal beneath your pillow for a goodnight's sleep or wear it as jewelry so that it stays with you wherever you go.


One of the benefits of opal is the emotional relief it brings.

The crystal reflects and enhances your mood when you wear it. The stone's positive energy helps when you are stressed or worried about decisions you have to take and how to carry out specific tasks and activities.

Often, when you attempt to solve an issue and, after several tries, find yourself stuck without a solution, your response would be to give up. Opal helps to enhance concentration and open a pathway to a more precise and sharper mindset.

Ocean opal, one of the types of opal, promotes clarity, peace, and tranquility to achieve a state of calmness necessary to meditate correctly and find solutions to your problems. The best way to use opal is in the form of jewelry such as a pendant.

The stone's energy around your neck and close to your heart will make you feel lighter and channel out all pent-up emotions.


Like the Opal crystal, Garnet helps to alleviate disharmony and restore emotional balance. The healing rays of the crystal will help to increase your self-esteem, improve your confidence, and reaffirms your belief in who you indeed are and the things you can achieve.

Wearing jewelry made from the gemstone will give you enough strength and courage to remain strong through trying and difficult times.

Garnet will block negative energy around you from evading your thoughts and, in return, send positive reviews to change your perception and provide help when you feel hopeless, lost, and all alone.


The yellow rays of Citrine are associated with the sun, bringing hope, light, and happiness to the wearer's heart. The crystals help to remind us to be grateful for what we have and appreciate the good around us.

With all that is happening today, you might find yourself worrying about the future and what it holds in store for you. Worrying not only closes our minds to the possibility of recognizing the good things around us, but it becomes hard to live life without stress and constant anxiety.

Citrine acts as a gentle aid to remind us that there is more to life than chaos and disharmony. It helps us to be mindful and appreciate the beauty around us. As a manifestation crystal, it encourages us to maintain a positive mindset and go through life grateful for what we have.


The Celestite crystal derives its name from the word, “caelestis” which means heavenly.

The crystal is said to have a powerful connection to heaven and is filled with pure angelic entities. Celestite produces a calming effect that helps release unwanted feelings that weigh you down, block negative energy, and cut off unhealthy attachment.

In return, the gemstone brings peace, serenity, and calmness. It also releases tension, stress, and anxiety.

When you are in an environment and you feel negative thoughts try to overwhelm you, the high frequency of the Celestite will repel those thoughts, replacing them with positive vibes to boost your mood and lift your spirits.


Amethyst is also known as the Happiness crystal because of the aura it generates around the wearer. The crystal brings you to a calm and centered state of mind while also uplifting your mood.

Amethyst helps when you are feeling down, depressed, nervous or tense. It promotes mental clarity and assists in easing stress and anxiety. The gemstone's mental and emotional healing properties calm and clear the mind, bringing us serenity even in the darkest circumstances.

Wearing the crystal as jewelry allows you to take the calming effects of the amethyst wherever you go and tap into the benefits that it provides at will.

Wrapping Up

With the aid of the crystals, you can improve your mood, seek mental clarity, enjoy self-confidence, and be filled with enough hope and optimism to live on every day.



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