Start The Day With a Perfect Morning Routine

Start The Day With a Perfect Morning Routine

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Morning Routine


There are several articles on the internet about morning routines and ways to have a productive day. Although those content have lots of beneficial suggestions, it is well known that there is no perfect routine or suggestion for everyone. Thus, everyone needs to prefer the habits which are good for them. The best way for this is to apply the easiest method and routinize them. Especially, having a good routine is really important to get over these days which are full of uncertainties, with less mental and physical fatigue. Moreover, many of us spend most of their time, at home. Therefore, some good habits and routines may be lost.

Considering all of these factors, in this article, we gathered some ideas together which could help you to form good habits, and have the most proper, mourning routines. Remember that! Only you know the perfect routine for you!

Start the Day Early

Waking up early gives you the opportunity to plan the works you need to and to arrange more things.  However, you may be not a morning person. If this is the situation, please do not taboo wake up in the early morning. Many successful people prefer working at night because they can work in a more productive way.

If you need to wake up early, of course, this changes everything. You need to wake up early for an early breakfast, meditation, exercising or for the activity you prefer.  Now, let us talk about what you can add to your routine.

You Should Not Check Your Phone After Waking Up

Do not check your phone right after waking up. It is believed that, checking your phone right after waking up decreases productivity. While checking e-mails, messages etc. we use an important part of our capacity before specifying our priorities. The best way to avoid that is to wait for at least for 30 minutes after waking up to be online.  In the meantime, reading book could be helpful to open your mind. It is also a beneficial activity. Brilliant!

Meditation for A Better Concentration

Lack of concentration, not being able to focus on the moment are very common problems today. There are some researches show that some activities such as yoga, exercise could have a role in the solution of these problems. Moreover, it is a well-known fact that the brain works better in the first hours of the day. Thus, adding a physical activity such as exercising or a mental activity such as meditation could increase your productivity. Do not forget to choose the natural stone while meditating which is proper for the energy you desire!

Never Skip Breakfast!

Find the best recipe for your health. Many people skip breakfast to gain time. However, it is good the keep in mind that, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can prepare nutritional and delicious meals with simple smoothie recipes. In addition, do not forget to drink water right after waking up. It would be good for your body!

The First Duty of the Day!

Very simple routine which is applied in a strict way in high-disciplined institutions is to tidy up the bed. You can see this as the first duty of the day. Several researches think that, having this routine improves productivity. Completing the first duty of the day would help you in other works of the day.

There is a Cure for Procrastination

The first thing comes to mind to start the day spryly is a cold shower! Some researches shows that, taking a cold shower improves the power of will. You can combine them with the breathing exercises known as Wim Hof Method. It is also said that; This method is helpful for reducing the stress and improving the performance.

Notepad as a Perfect Personal Assistant

You should take notes in morning. For example, you can keep a diary of dreams. Moreover, you can use this notepad to plan your day. One of the best ways of being productive; is to write down works or thoughts on our mind. Buy a little notepad for you and write down the agenda of the day in the morning. Do not forget to have it with you all day long. In this way, you won’t miss out anything. If the notepad idea sounds outdated, there are lots of productivity apps, you can use one of them.

Believe in the Energy of the Natural Stones

Researches show that natural stones give energy to the human body. The energy in natural stones helps the process of sending different types of signals to human brain. Because each kind of stone has different type of energy, you should choose the stones which eliminate fatigue weakness. In this way, it would become possible to feel energetic and waking in a positive mood. 

If we need to classify stones by their energies;

Peace: Selenite

Joy: Citrine or Ocean Jasper

Intuition: Amethyst

Confidence: Aragonite Star Cluster

Money and Ambition: Pyrite

Love vibes: Rhodonite and Garnet

Protection: Black Tourmaline

Focus: Fluorite

Loving kindness: Cobalt and Mangano Calcite

Divine inspiration and creativity: Moonstone and Citrine

Abundance Consciousness: Green Garnet or Green Aventurine


P.S. Leave a comment below and let us know how you start the day.

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