What to do if you have green fingers when wearing rings

What to do if you have green fingers when wearing rings

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Lately some of our Pretland family members have experienced an interesting problem…

When they take off their crystal rings.

Or any rings in general.

So, I like to share with you something important.

Now before you go crazy and scream “GREEN FINGERS! EW!”

Let me explain… (No, she is not becoming the Hulk)

Have you ever taken off your ring to discover that your skin has turned green? 

Ever wondered why this is happening or how to prevent it?

It's a common misconception that only cheap rings can turn your finger green. 

Although it is true that inexpensive rings commonly are made using copper or a copper alloy.

Which reacts with oxygen to form copper oxide (which is green) and therefore and more likely to discolor on to your skin. 

In reality, even high-quality silver and gold rings can cause discoloration as well. 

So why is this happening?

When a ring turns your finger green, it's because of a chemical reaction between acids in your skin and the metal of the ring. 

Or a reaction between another substance on your hand, such as a lotion or even water, and the metal of the ring. 

Still, do not panic as this is not harmful in any way and should wear away quickly when you take off the ring.

I will repeat for those skeptics. IT IS NOT HARMFUUL!

So, what can you do to avoid this discoloration? 

Firstly, you can greatly reduce the chances of any ring turning your finger green if you take care to keep soap, lotions, and other chemicals away from your ring. 

Remove your rings before bathing or swimming, especially in saltwater. 

Take your rings off when going to the gym or doing the dishes. 

Try to avoid them getting wet in general.

Now let's get even more practical... 

Another very good way of avoiding this is by carefully applying clear nail polish on the inside of the ring. 

This should add a layer of protection to the metal and help it avoid discoloration. 

Although, take into mind that you will need to re-apply the nail polish from time to time in order to keep the metal protected.

While I cannot guarantee that your fingers will not turn green like broccoli.

I have made sure that at the very least you are getting the highest quality materials in your rings.

Because I am reproducing them myself to ensure you get 100% natural crystals.




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