The Pretland Story - How It All Began…

The Pretland Story - How It All Began…


Hello Dear,

If you did not read the beginning of my story, please click here to read the first part.

Today I have to tell you my story of how Pretland started.

Recalling the entire story still gives me goosebumps to this day.

So let’s dive right into the story...

At that time, I was still in my office, so stressed with my life.

I had everything an employee could ask for.

A high-paying job with a high position.

It was around June 15, 2014.

I was 34 and the company promoted me to a marketing executive position that I always wanted.

After working in the same company for about 10 years.

But for some reason, I was not happy.

As my pay increased, so did my workload.

And my time with my family decreased to the point I could only spend a few hours with them on the weekends.

However, fast forward to 1 year later, I took time off work to go on a short camping trip with my old university classmates.

And that was when I realized something in my life had to change.

We chose to go to our favorite camping spot in Evansburg state park.

It was a beautiful spot, you could hear the crickets creaking in the night and the sound of the river flowing.

On the first night, we set up camp and pitched our tents.

Then, we gathered some wood and lit a campfire to roast some marshmallows.

We talked about old memories back in our university days at the University of Pennsylvania.

It was a great night as I felt myself disconnecting from my busy work life.

And all I could think of was being free from work and being with my close friends.

But, all good things have to come to an end right?

Fast forward to the last day of our trip, and we were about to pack up and leave.

Suddenly, one of my friends, Jane Brown, suggested a great idea.

“Say, Jenny, I remember you always loved to go exploring in abandoned mines to pick up crystals and minerals back when you were a child. How about we go do that right now? I am sure it will be fun and bring back lots of fun memories!”

And of course, something in me had to say yes to that.

As we drove around the area, we stumbled upon an abandoned mine and decided to take a closer look.

It was such a nostalgic feeling to go exploring again with my friends.

I used to do it with my uncle who owns a mining company back then and my brother when I was a child.

I would pick up any crystals I could find and fit them in my tiny pockets.

So I could bring them home and show it to my family and friends.

At this point, you must be wondering when Pretland will come into the story.

And if I found any crystals in that abandoned mine.

Well, I love to tell you but I have to get ready for my yoga class that is about to start in 30 minutes.

You see, ever since I started Pretland, I have had so much free time to do things that I enjoy.

Like meditating with my crystals, or attending yoga classes.

So, if you like to know how the camping trip ended, and how it changed my life, look out for my next post.

The subject line will be ‘ How Crystals Came Back Into My Life - The Birth Of Pretland.’

Have a lovely day.


P.S. I almost forgot to tell you who is Spot from my previous post because I was too engrossed in my own story.

Well, Spot is our beloved dog. He is a golden retriever that we love very much in our family.

You can see him in the photo below. 

golden retriever


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