March 8th, International Women’s Day

March 8th, International Women’s Day

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March 8th, International Women’s Day

Women play an undeniable role around the globe towards making the world a better place. Through determination, they have built a legacy in different countries.  That’s why, yearly, March 8th, is marked a special day to mark their achievements. If you’ve always wondered what happens during international women’s day, this article will befit you.

1. Acknowledge and Celebrate Women’s Achievements

One of the key reasons why 8th March is honored is because it marks a day to recognize women’s potential. They have broken shackles, biases, and worked towards social, cultural, economic, and political achievements. Women are no longer held captive by archaic traditions. Their central position is no longer the kitchen. Women of all cultures are now participating in nation-building. Consequently, women’s day is a call to action, for everyone to work towards an all-inclusive nation.

2. Increase Awareness on Gender Parity

Gender inequality has been the mother of all the problems facing women since time immemorial. However, different groups around the globe have laid policies that give women a chance to manifest their potential. Women’s day, in particular, sensitizes women to leave the inferior position. Instead, women are enlightened to see themselves as key stakeholders in decision-making and change-makers.

The most powerful countries have been given equal opportunities like men. However, some countries view women as lesser human beings. International Women’s day encourages women in such situations to speak out, to bring to an end gender discrimination.

Still, during women’s international day, people are expected to take a mile further. That is, establishing a group in their community to speak up against any form of gender disparity. The call to action within a community is powerful since you can always identify the culprits of gender inequality easily. Later, you can counsel them. Further, you’ll have an opportunity to participate in enhancing equity in workplaces, colleges, and universities.

3. Fundraising

Do you wonder how you can mark women’s day? No need to worry as I got you covered. On 8th March, you can donate to the authorized charity organizations that are meant to support women’s advancement financially. Once you do so, you’ll have participated in fighting gender biases.

Yearly, fundraising is done to acknowledge women’s visibility and empower them. If you’ve never donated, you can always plan to do it. This will be an effective way to appreciate their increased role in economic growth and also bring to an end gender discrimination.

Colors That Mark the International Women’s Day

To emphasize the importance of women’s day, some colors are set aside to mark the day. The colors include white, purple, and green. It’s worth noting that the colors have got their meaning. For instance, white implies purity, green symbolizes hope while purple represents dignity and justice. Do you wonder about the origin of these colors? The colors date their history from the Women’s Social and Political Union in the United Kingdom, in 1908.

Having convinced you about the crucial role of women’s day, do you plan to make yourself or your loved ones happier? Well, get a special gift for yourself or surprise your loved ones with spiritual jewelry. This will make the day remarkably memorable.



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