Christmas Crystals

Merry Crystal Christmas

Christmas Crystals

Ho Ho Ho ! 

Have you been good this year? You have?

That’s great. You deserve a christmas cookie.

What? You don’t want a cookie?

Then how about some crystal recommendations to wear on Christmas? Sounds good?

Today, I will be asking Santa to travel around the world on his reindeer sled visiting each Pretland family member. (Yes, he is a good friend of witchy Jenny)

To hand out this Christmas card you are reading.

And if you are lucky, I may even drop a crystal down your chimney.

During Christmas, it is important to release our emotional blockages.

It is important to let them go to allow space to come in to bring in the spirit of Christmas.

I understand that this year has been a rough year for some of us. And things have not gone as planned.

For example, Santa’s elves were supposed to be delivering all our packages for our Pretland family super early.

But the international elf delivery system is clogged up due to a huge spike in demand.

While some things are not within our control, we can focus on the present and take care of our emotional state.

Play some of your favorite Christmas songs and spend time with your family. (whether physically or through Zoom)

I will be playing Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas is youuu.”

Also, Santa asked me for some crystal recommendations to use during Christmas so I recommended Selenite and Rose Quartz.

Selenite helps to release our emotional blockages so we will not be trapped by the past.

Let us let go of the past and look forward to what the future holds for us. Good things are coming your way.

Rose Quartz also helps us to spread more love around us and encourages more self-love so you will be in a more positive state.

So what are you doing today? I love to know.

Also, remember to open the door for me when Santa arrives so he can hand you your christmas card.

Ok, the reindeers are getting out of control. Need to stop writing and focus on guiding them in the right direction.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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