Natural Stones for Cancer

Natural Stones for Cancer

Natural Stones for Cancer

Cancer is a zodiac sign which is known for emotional, sensitive, and intuitional characteristics. Cancers are generally faithful in all their relationships. However, being independent is also very important for them. They do not like to be under the control of someone. They like learning new things and make an effort for other people. Natural stones could make them stronger. In order to find the best crystal for Cancer, first you need to decide what your goal is. The duration of Cancer is June 21 and July 22.


Powerful Stones for Cancer

The most powerful natural stones for cancer are moonstone and black cyanite. The spirit of moonstone is strongly connected with the cancer sign. When you have moonstone with you, your intuitions would become stronger and you can make the right decisions easily. When you have moonstone on your body, you would feel stronger and more independent. Therefore, it would be easier for you to make bold decisions. You could survive the hardships. Black Kyanite is another natural stone which affects Cancers in a positive way. When you benefit from black kyanite, you can let go of a past relationship which harms you.


Natural Stones for Sun in Cancer

Moonstone is the best crystal for you if you were born with the sun in Cancer. Moonstone is known for giving energy and when you have moonstone with you, you can feel safe and energetic at the same time thanks to its spiritual powers. Moonstone will help you to reach your goals by protecting you from the malevolent people.  You can see the things that stop you from achieving your goals.


Natural Stones for Moon in Cancer

Moon in cancer is known for improving themselves and self-discovery. They need to make themselves home to feel good. Chrysocolla is the best natural stone to help you to realize that. When you have Chrysocolla with you, you can be at peace. It gives you the power you need to let go of things from the past. Chrysocolla would serve you better if you combine it with red jasper.


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