Natural Stones for Leo

Natural Stones for Leo

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Leo is the fifth sign of the Zodiac. The duration of Leo is July 23 and August 22. The ruler of Leo is the Sun. The personality of Leo is generally positive, friendly, and energetic. They have high managerial skills and they want to keep people and things under their control. They can influence people easily. Thanks to their positive energy which comes from the sun they can male friends easily. However, the biggest flaw of the Leo personality is that they could be very egocentric, and they could also lose their friends easily. Quartz, ruby and amber are the perfect natural stones for Leos. All of those three natural stones have strong spiritual and physical effects on Leos which make them calm.

 Powerful Stones for Leos

Quartz is the most effective natural stone for Leos. It represents the sign Leo.  This crystal has been known as the symbol of the secret power since ancient times. Thanks to its powerful spirit, quartz makes Leos stronger and bolder. If you are a Leo, we strongly advise you to have quartz on your body. You can wear it as a bracelet, necklace, or ring. As we said above, Leos have really strong personalities and they like controlling people and things. Ruby is a natural stone which has always been associated with luck. When ruby and Leo come together, it is nearly impossible to harm them. Thus, Leos should try to benefit from ruby. Ruby also helps Leos to get rid of bad thoughts. Amber is another natural stone which has positive effects on Leos. Amber is good for reducing stress and enhancing awareness. Leos have stress in their life because they generally work as manager, administrator etc. They could feel relaxed thanks to the calming effects of the amber.

 Natural Stones for Rising Leos

Rising Leos are natural-born leaders. They have leadership skills in their spirit. However, they are generally easily angered people. Especially when they are disappointed, they could be very angry. Citrine and amethyst could be combined and used against anger. They could get nervous system under control and rising Leos could feel relaxed thanks to them.

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