Natural Stones for Virgo

Natural Stones for Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac cross, and it is known as the sign of intelligence. The duration of Virgo is between August 24 and September 22. The ruler of the Virgo is Mercury, and it is a negative and feminine sign. Virgo people are known for their communication skills, perfectionism, criticism, and selectiveness. All of those characteristics could affect the lives of Virgos in a good way and in a bad way depending on the situation. For example, because of their perfectionism, they are generally successful in things they do. However, it is almost impossible for them to find their way in life. The best natural stones for Virgos are the stones which enhance the emotional capacity. Therefore, carnelian, jasper and amber would be the perfect choice for Virgos.


Powerful Natural Stones for Virgos

Carnelian is the most effective natural stone for Virgos. It enhances the joy of life for Virgos. As it is widely known, Virgos are in the pursuit of peace and trust for their entire life. They look for faithfulness in their relationships. When Virgos have this crystal on their body, they would trust people more. Thus, it makes life easier for Virgos. The most common characteristic of Virgos is perfectionism as you can easily guess. Perfectionism could make their life harder than it needs to be. They could miss many chances because of their perfectionism. As a result, they could find themselves in a depressive mood easily. Amber is a natural stone which is known for its positive effects on the spirit of Virgos. When Virgos have them on their body, they could avoid depression. Therefore, amber would be the perfect stone for Virgos thanks to its positive spiritual effects.  Another natural stone that we can suggest to Virgos is Jasper. Jasper could make Virgos courageous and strong. They could make decisions in an easier way.


Natural Stones for Rising Virgos

Thanks to their intelligence, rising Virgos are successful in solving problems. They can overcome any obstacles in their lives. However, excessive perfectionism could be also seen in rising Virgos. Because of their perfectionism, they could feel anxious and afraid frequently. Jade and Carnelian are good for Rising Virgos thanks to their calming and relaxing effects. If you combine jade and carnelian by wearing one of them as a necklace and the other one as a bracelet or any other kind of accessories, you can get the best result if you are a rising Virgo.


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