Natural Stones for Scorpio

Natural Stones for Scorpio

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Natural Stones for Scorpio

Scorpio is the eight sign of the zodiac. Its duration is between October 23 and November 21.  The rulers of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto. The most significant characteristics of Scorpio is faithfulness, independence, and passion. Scorpios are generally skilled and determined people. They could be successful in their personal lives or in their careers. Rapid mood swings are common in Scorpios.


Powerful Stones for Scorpio

Rhodochrosite is the most powerful natural stone for Scorpios. This stone has always been associated with love. This pink stone would help to become softer. Rhodochrosite helps Scorpios to stop overreacting to the small stuff. You can stay away from rapid mood swings thanks to this crystal. Citrine is another natural stone which has positive effects on Scorpios. Citrine improves the determination of Scorpios. As we all know, Scorpios are already determined people. When their determination is boosted by citrine, it would be almost impossible to stop them from achieving their goals. Another powerful natural stone for Scorpios is sodalite. Sodalite is known for its sedative effects on Scorpios. The spirit of Scorpios needs some balance for wellness, and the sodalite is the best natural stone to give that balance to them.  It would be easier for Scorpios to communicate with people thanks to spiritual effects of sodalite.  Amethyst is also effective on Scorpios. When Scorpios have Amethyst on their body, it would cleanse the negative energy from their spirit. Quartz is another natural stone which gives Scorpios energy. You can wear all of those natural stones as accessories such as bracelets, rings, necklaces.


Natural Stones for Rising Scorpio

Smoky quartz would be the perfect stone for you if you are a rising Scorpio. Smoky quartz is very effective against negative emotions and thoughts. It would absorb all negativity and would give you the energy that you need.  You can express yourselves in an easier way thanks to smoky quartz.


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