Natural Stones for Libra

Natural Stones for Libra

 Natural Stones for Libra

Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac Cross and it is ruled by Venus. Duration of Libra is between September 23 and October 23. The most common characteristics of Libra is emotiveness, belief in love and a strong sense of justice.   Because of their sense of justice, if you have a close friend who is Libra, you are lucky. You can always trust Libras. Libras are also kind and tolerant people. Because of their sensitivities, they like to take part in art activities. They enjoy making people around them happy, and because of that characteristic, self-negation is common among libras. Rose quartz, jade and malachite are natural stones that could influence libras in a positive way.


Powerful Natural Stones for Libra

Rose quartz is the most powerful natural stone for Libra people. As it is widely known, libra people like partnership and flirting. Rose quartz is accepted as the symbol of the sign Libra and it also represents love. As you can understand from that, rose quartz affects the love life of the libras in a positive way. This effect becomes more powerful when the rose quartz is combined with amethyst. It also helps libras to relax thanks to its calming effects. Another powerful crystal for Libras is the jade. Jade is good for libras because it prevents rapid mood changes. It would be a perfect idea to combine it with rose quartz. In that way, they will boost your self-confidence, and you can make bold decisions easily.  Malachite is another natural stone which is good for Libras. The spiritual power of malachite helps libras to feel calm. It is very effective in preventing bad thoughts. You can wear it as a necklace or bracelet.


Natural Stones for Rising Libra

Rising libras are known for their kindness. Because of their kind personality, they have no problems in adaptation. Sometimes, they could negate their own needs while caring for others. Therefore, aquamarine would be beneficial for the rising libras. It helps to enhance self-awareness. It would be more effective when it is combined with carnelian. Topaz helps rising libras to overcome disappointment thanks to its spirit that increases happiness. In short, a combination of aquamarine, amethyst, carnelian, and topaz would be very beneficial for rising libras,


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