How to Cleanse Amazonite

Benefits & Cleansing of Amazonite Crystal

How to Cleanse Amazonite


Color: Green, Blue-Green

Born in: India, Madagascar, Russia, USA, Brazil

Chakras: Heart, Throat

Zodiac Sign: Aries, Leo


How to Cleanse Amazonite

Amazonite needs to be cleaned at certain intervals due to regular use.

Because Amazonite is a very precious stone, you should be gentle and careful while cleansing it.

  • You can wash it in the running water for 5 minutes to purify it.
  • Keeping it under the sunlight for one day can also purify it.
  • You can cleanse your amazonite jewelries by wiping them with a cloth soaked in vinegar water for 5-6 minutes. You need to dry them immediately after the wiping.


Benefits of Amazonite

  • Very beneficial for human nervous system
  • Make Childbirth Easier for women
  • Takes community problem away
  • Wipes out negative energy
  • Have positive effects on the heart and the nervous system specifically
  • Makes muscles work better
  • Effaces stress by reducing it day by day
  • Solves understanding and comprehension problems of individuals
  • Helps the curing process of calcium deficiencies
  • Could be a solution for tooth decay


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