How to Cleanse Tiger Eye

Benefits & Cleansing of Tiger Eye Crystal

How to Cleanse Tiger Eye

Color: Iridescent brown + gold stripes

Born in: South Africa, Australia, Brazil

Chakras: Sacral, Solar Plexus, Root

Water Cleansing: Yes

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Tiger Eye Care

  • Only hot water and a soft soap or detergent should be used in the cleaning process.
  • Avoid using chemicals, whiteners and acidic cleaners such as ammonia or sulfuric acid.
  • Avoid putting perfume or hair spray on tiger eye.
  • Before doing exercise or doing housework always remove the tiger eye on your body.
  • The correct way of preserving tiger eye is to wrap it with a soft cloth and put it in a fabric jewel box.

Tiger Eye Benefits

  1. Makes you change your point of view. Reveals a sense of self confidence in the user.
  2. Tiger eye which contains the sun energy and earthly elements in itself gives an inspiring vibration and earthing to its users.
  3. It helps users in smoking cessation and treatment of alcohol and drugs.
  4. It helps overcome jealousy and causes of jealousy.
  5. Provides balance and harmony in relations. It is known that tiger eye is effective against fear and worry.
  6. Improves creativity and arouses kundalini energy.
  7. Balances brain functions and is used in treatment of mental illnesses.
  8. Reduces stress and increases calmness. Improves the ability of loud and clear expression ability.
  9. Effective against sexual problems, and balances & gives energy to root chakra.
  10. Overcomes lethargy and support user with its energy
  11. It is also believed that it gives the user will, self confidence, calmness, encouragement, creativity, awareness, and the ability of evaluating events in a clear way.
  12. It resonates with solar plexus chakra and supports the personal power of the user
  13. To get the best result from the tiger eye, it is suggested that you should put it on your right wrist. Putting it on the left wrist may lead to overheating in some users.
  14. It helps the treatment of depression. It may balance the mood changes
  15. It is known that the tiger eye improves practical reasoning.  It also helps users against ADHD,  instability.


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