Benefits & Cleansing of Opal Crystal

Opal Crystal

Color: Colorless, white, yellow, red, orange, green, brown, black, blue, pink

Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio, Pisces

Element: Water


  • Black Opals - Root Chakra
  • Fire Opals - Sacral Chakra
  • Mostly Yellow Opals - Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Mostly Green or Pink Opals - Heart Chakra
  • Mostly Blue Opals - Throat Chakra
  • Mostly Violet Opals - Third Eye Chakra
  • White Opals - Crown Chakra


How to cleanse Opal?
            You can cleanse opals under running water. You can also cleanse it by sticking into the sea water or salty water. In fact, if you leave it for a while in the water, you can make it cleaner.

            You can bury the opal and leave it there for 24 hours at least. The best option is to bury it to the ground in nature. However, if this option is not possible for you, you can also bury it into a flowerpot.  If you choose the flowerpot method, you should change the pot after 8-10 hours. You should not bury the opal into a flowerpot if there are fresh flowers in it. The negative energy of opal may harm flowers.

            Wash your opal under the running water for about 5 minutes. Then, burn sage tea or a piece of sandalwood, and expose opal to the smell and smoke. The smoke should affect all areas of the stone.


Species of Opal

There are 99 different species of Opal according to international classification. In this post, you can find the most common ones, Black Opal, Jelly Opal, Crystal Opal, White Opal, Milk Opal, Common Opal, Wood Opal, Fire Opal.

Fire Opal: Opal could be found in different colors such as fire red, orange, yellow and different shades of these colors. The most precious ones are deep red ones.  It is in the same class with gemstones in terms of quality. Mexico is the first country that comes to mind when the word “opal” is said.  The fire opal which could be found in Mexico is also known as “honey opal”, “flame opal”.

Black Opal: The ground of black opals is generally in dark colors like black, grey, brown, red, blue. On this ground, there could be seen some fractions in rainbow colors. It is very rare, and the biggest source of opal are mineral stratums in Australia. It is as precious as gemstone.

Jelly Opal: It has a transparent, semi-transparent, or blueish appearance. Different from other opals, play of light takes place in all of the stone rather than a certain part. Therefore, it could be confused with the moonstone or chalcedony.  The main source of jelly opal is Mexico, and it could be found in Australia rarely.

Crystal Opal: The ground is transparent or semi-transparent in crystal opal. Because it is a transparent stone, you can see the colors of the rainbow when you expose it to the light.

White Opal: The ground color is white, light yellow or cream in white opal. The main source of white opal is Hungary. Therefore, it is also known as “Hungarian Opal”. You can witness red, blue and green play of light while looking at it. The more it is colored, the more it is precious.

Wood Opal: It is a totally different kind, and it takes shape in millions of years.  These kinds of opals arise from the trees which were petrified due to the high pressure and high heat underground. It could be found in different colors. However, most of them take the colors of trees which they arise from.  Brown, grey, pink, red, violet, yellow are the most common colors.

Milk Opal: The color of this kind of opal resembles the color of milk. However, it is a bit lifeless when compared with the other kinds of opal. You cannot see any play of light while looking at this stone.  It has a shiny appearance.  It is used in the jewelry and knickknack production. You can see structures look like tree branches in them.

Common Opal: It has a lipoid appearance. You can find common opal in white, yellow, green, and grey colors.  Because there is no play of lights in this opal, it is not used in the jewelry generally. If there are structures that look like tree branches in them, they could be called dendritic opals.


Benefits of Opal

  • It is the stone of hope, love, and sympathy.
  • It takes anger away.
  • Beneficial for eyes.
  • Stabilize emotions and mind.
  • Enhances self-confidence, protects you from the bad habits.
  • Gives you the freedom to express yourself. It is the stone of independence and freedom.
  • Effective against arthralgia.
  • Effective against kidney diseases.
  • It has healing effects in blood diseases.
  • Helpful against the Parkinson treatment.
  • Gives you positive energy, absorbs the negative energy from your body.
  • It helps you to come over shyness.



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