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Crystals for Overcoming Jealousy

Crystals for Overcoming Jealousy

            If we need to define jealousy in short, we can say that it is the feeling of envying someone for his/her success in life or some characteristics. It could be also defined as a constant feeling of suspicion of betrayal in a romantic relationship. Although it is one of the deadly sins and considered as a negative characteristic in society. However, it is hard to overcome jealousy. Especially in some certain situations, jealousy can easily burst in our soul. If you think that jealousy affects you negatively in your daily life, you may get help from some crystals.

Green Gems Against Jealousy

            Green crystals are known for their effectiveness against jealousy.  Especially light green gems would really help you in overcoming jealousy. Green gems would support your spiritual growth and bring you inner peace.  Thanks to green crystals, you can easily focus on your own goals instead of envying the success of other people. Moreover, you can also trust your partner in your relationships.

Green Apatite

            Green Apatite is the stone of dual action. It can help you to overcome jealousy by making you focus on your goals. Thanks to the positive effects of green apatite on your mind and soul, you will start to feel more energetic again, and your soul will be purified from jealousy. When you can focus on your own life, you will become more successful, and you will not need to envy the success stories of other people. Because the peace of your inner soul would awaken, you will start to feel more confident in your romantic relationship, and you can start to trust your partner.

Green Aventurine

            Green aventurine is another crystal which is effective against jealousy. Like green apatite, it brings you inner peace, and you can focus on your life. You can look forward again for new opportunities and new successes in life.  Green aventurine also supports your creativity, and you can make bold decisions more easily than before.  Because it brings inner peace to you, you will not experience sudden anger against little problems in your life. When you focus on your own life the envy would be removed from your soul completely.

Crystals for Overcoming Jealousy


            Aquamarine would be also effective against jealousy with its energizing effects. If you wear aquamarine as jewelry, you can feel more energetic, and it can also enhance your self-awareness.  When you feel more energetic, reaching your goals would be easier for you, and you do not feel jealous for success of other people because you can feel yourself successful.

Evil Eye

            Evil eye is known for its effectiveness against jealousy. However, it works differently from crystals that we mentioned above. The purpose of evil eye is not to remove the jealousy you have against other people, instead it protects you from the jealous look of other people. In the Eastern cultures, the evil eye has been used against jealous looks for centuries. It is believed that, when someone looks at you in a jealous way, his/hers looks can affect you in a negative way, and it can bring bad luck to you.  If you wear an evil eye as an accessory, it can reflect back the jealous looks, and protects you from misfortune. It is also believed that the evil eye brings success and love to its owner. If you think that some people are jealous of you, and it affects you negatively, you may wear an evil eye as a protector.

            As a result, jealousy is definitely a negative emotion and we should overcome jealousy to be more successful in our work, and to have a more positive attitude towards our partner in a romantic relationship. Moreover, you should also protect yourself from jealous looks of other people if it affects your soul and mind negatively.  To overcome all kinds of jealousy crystals may help you in your life. When you try crystals that we mentioned above, you would see they work effectively against jealousy.


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