Natural Crystals for Obsession

Natural Crystals for Obsession

               Natural Crystals for Obsession

            Do you always have intrusive thoughts that occupy your mind?  First of all, we need to state that all people can have intrusive thoughts from time to time. However, if you have intrusive thoughts of guilt, shame, or anger frequently, perhaps you suffer from obsession. Dealing with obsession could be a long and difficult process, but some natural crystals can offer you a holistic treatment against obsession.  In this article, you will find the best crystals that you can get help in your struggle against obsession.


Orange & Brown Jasper

               Both orange & brown jasper can be helpful against obsession. These stones can bring balance and stability to your mind and your soul. In this way you can be freed from intrusive thoughts. 

               Brown jasper is known for its meditative effects. You can find out why you have intrusive thoughts thanks to brown jasper. When you find the answer, it would be easier to get rid of them.

               Orange jasper has calming effects against intrusive thoughts.   It could be found in the form of worry beads, and it offers you a stabilized mind.



               Sodalite is one of the most powerful crystals, and it opens the third eye. You can reach deep meditation if you wear sodalite as jewelry. Once you reach deep meditation you can understand the reasons behind your intrusive thoughts.


Snowflake Obsidian

               Obsidian is not exactly a “crystal”. It is actually a form of natural glass which was created as a result of rapid cooling down of lava.  This volcanic gemstone is really powerful.  Snowflake obsidian takes its name from its white patched pattern.  If you want to use snowflake obsidian against obsession, you should place it on the sacral chakra. Sacral chakra is located beneath your belly button. By balancing your soul and your mind, snowflake obsidian helps you to get rid of obsessive thoughts.


Natural Crystals for Obsession


               Aquamarine is a beautiful stone, and because of its unmatched beauty, people often wear it as jewelry. As you can guess, stress and obsession are correlated issues, and you should be a less stressful person to avoid intrusive thoughts.  Aquamarine is known for its positive effects on stress.   If you choose to wear aquamarine as a jewelry, you would find out that you can manage stress better, and you have less intrusive thoughts.



               Chrysocolla can be found in blue or turquoise color.  The most significant feature of this beautiful crystal is to bring tranquility to the mind of people.  If you place this gemstone in your home, it will absorb the negative energy in your home, and intrusive thoughts in your mind.  Then, you will start to feel more confident, and you will not have intrusive thoughts anymore.



               Moonstone is another powerful stone that you can use against intrusive thoughts. Intrusive thoughts are generally results of disturbed mood. If you have moonstone with you during the day, it will calm your emotions.  In time, you will realize that you do not have intrusive thoughts anymore.  If you give time to moonstone, the results will be perfect for you at the end of the day.



               As you can understand from the crystals we mentioned above, tranquility and calmness are really important to get rid of intrusive thoughts. Kunzite is another crystal which offers you tranquility. It is also a meditative crystal-like jasper & sodalite, and it opens your heart chakra. Heart chakra will replace intrusive thoughts in your mind and replace them with positive thoughts and emotions which make you a calmed and positive person.

               As a result, we can say that intrusive thoughts could be a serious problem in your daily life especially if they reach a level of obsession.  At this point, we recommend you give a chance to some crystals. They can be a natural & powerful remedy against obsession.


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I have moonstone crystals and I am using them when I was feeling sick. And I know that it’s healing me. I will also order other crystals. I recommend it to everyone!

I have moonstone crystals and I am using them when I was feeling sick. And I know that it’s healing me. I will also order other crystals. I recommend it to everyone!

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