Handmade Spiritual Crystals That Align With Your Spirit


We understand life can be though  and it makes us feel stressed and pessimistic. This is why we provide the best handmade spiritual crystal accessories that align with you spirit and lighten your mood. With shipping in 24 hours after payment and replying all e-mails and phone calls in 12 hours, we are always here to support you.

We Are Made Of Energy, Like Our Crystals

Our Mission: We exist to support those who need to align their spirit and regain their positivity.

Our Vision: Our vision has three parts;

* Serve 10 million spiritual crystal lovers and make a difference in the spiritual crystal community

* Meet a 99% customer service satisfaction so that our customers are always happy when they visit 

* Reach customers living in all 88 countries in Europe, America and Australia

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Hi everyone, what’s up? It’s been a while since we talked. I’ve been busy with work and some spiritual studies recently. I’m preparing myself to upcoming Mercury retrograde, so I decided to share ...
High Crystals to Improve Your Mood

High Crystals to Improve Your Mood

  We feel tired, confused, and overwhelmed at certain times in our lives, just wanting to curl up under the covers, close the door, or call in a sick day. During those periods, we cannot concentra...
The Hidden Benefits Of Spiritual Crystals

The Hidden Benefits Of Spiritual Crystals

Dear Pretland Family, Today, I want to share with you the hidden benefits of owning the Beginner Crystal Kit I made for you. When we are young, we have so much time to collect the things we love. ...