Natural Stones for Aquarius

Natural Stones for Aquarius

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Natural Stones for Aquarius

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac. Rulers of this sign are Uranus and Saturn. The most common characteristics of Aquarius are assertiveness, easygoingness, independence, and sensitivity. Because of their sensitivity and independence, they could take part in social responsibility activities. They are generally self-employed because of their free spirit. Another significant characteristic of Aquarius personality is that they are 100% honest people, and they could face problems in their relationships because of this honesty.  The duration of this Zodiac sign is between January 21 and February 18. Natural stones that have spiritual effects on Aquarius are fluorite, sapphire, and aquamarine.


Powerful Crystals for Aquarius

               Fluorite is the most effective natural stone for Aquarius. Its spiritual powers help Aquarius people to become more energetic and adaptable. The color of this natural stone is green, but it could take a violaceus color under the light. Aquarius people can reach spiritual happiness when they have fluorite with them. Another powerful natural stone for the Aquarius sign is the sapphire.  Sapphire could be defined as the crystal that represents the Aquarius sign. Sapphire helps Aquarius personality to balance the emotions. Moreover, this crystal also helps Aquarius personality to find freedom in the spirit. As you can understand from the name similarity, aquamarine is another natural stone which has positive effects on Aquarius. First of all, aquamarine helps people to find themselves. It could also be a natural way to boost self-confidence.  If Aquarius people wear necklaces, bracelets or other accessories which have aquamarine, they would be more powerful spiritually.

Natural Stones for Rising Aquarius

               The most significant traits of rising Aquarius personality are high intelligence and independence. However, these traits do not always affect their relationships in a positive way.  Because of their intelligence and independent personality, they could have problems in communication with other people. Therefore, a natural stone which helps them to develop their communication skills would be a perfect choice for them. Therefore, topaz and chrysocolla are the best natural stones for rising Aquarius.



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