Birthstones For November

Birthstones For November

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A birthstone is a gem that can signify the month a person was born or the zodiac sign.

Birthstones have been worn for a very long time as amulets and charms to protect the wearer from ill-luck, strangers, and damaging aura. The gemstones were said to attract luck, good fortune, and radiant health.

Birthstones can be either traditional or modern. In the 5th century, people began to wear the twelve stones at once on accessories like bracelets, belts, and other extravagant ornaments. It continued until the 8th century when the trend changed to individuals collecting all rocks but wearing only one during specific months. It was believed that during those given months, the power of the gemstone would be heightened.

Modern birthstones were officially assigned dates in 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers, linking them to the twelve months of the official calendar year. Although additional birthstones were introduced to the system, many people still prefer to use the traditional birthstones or pick any at random.

Nowadays, birthstones are no longer used for only good luck and protection. Birthstones can be worn in the form of jewelry or as a pendant necklace. Gifting your loved one's accessories made from their birthstones is seen as a thoughtful and personal gesture.

People born in November have two official birthstones: Citrine, Yellow Topaz, and an alternative gemstone, Aquamarine. Each of these stones has unique properties and benefits to the wearer.


Topaz is the first official stone for November.

The gem is a yellow-colored, precious stone that belongs to the Topaz family. It is also known as the crystal of hospitality and harmony, inspiring gratitude for November.

The bright color of the gemstone represents the earth and the rich gifts of nature. It symbolizes fertility, abundance, the beauty of seasons, and all things organic. The gemstone's warm aura reminds one of home, sitting in front of the fireplace, and the peace that comes from knowing you have a place that you can come to after long hours at work.

Pink Topaz Zirconia Ring

Yellow Topaz comforts, soothes, and motivates the mind, body, and soul by directing energy where needed. It promotes forgiveness and helps to mend broken relationships. Wearing Yellow Topaz as a piece of jewelry or placing it in your space eradicates negativities, invites inner calmness and happiness to your soul.

Other benefits of Yellow Topaz include healing ailments like jaundice, liver problems, fever, indigestion, depression, anxiety, appetite, and memory loss. Placing the gemstone under your pillow effectively treats insomnia, dispels tension, and gives you a well-needed goodnight rest.

Yellow Topaz comes in many shades from light yellow to brown and can be found worldwide in Brazil, Russia, United States, Africa, Asia, Ukraine, and Australia.


The Citrine gem is a member of the crystalline quartz family and is the second official birthstone for November.

The word "Citrine" is gotten from the French word "citrus," which suits the citrus-colored gem perfectly. The gem is also known as the Lucky Merchant's Stone and is associated with success, health, and wealth. Gifting a piece of citrine jewelry is seen as a symbol of hope, hospitality, friendship, and happiness.

The energy transmuted from the Citrine stone wards off negative energy and brings in good luck. The gemstone is beneficial in business and finance areas to attain maximum profit.


Phoenix Citrine Gold Necklace - Pretland Spiritual Jewelry & Crystals


Citrine promotes mental clarity and opens up pathways, providing you with precise and innovative ways to solve problems. The warm colors of Citrine invoke images of light and warmth. It opens up your heart to give to others around you, knowing that the universe will replenish when you give.

The stone aids digestion improves proper blood circulation, removes toxins from the body, and negates bladder infections. It also helps to treat eye problems, diabetes, relieve constipation and remove cellulite.

The gemstone's soothing effect helps strengthen the wearer's self-esteem, dispel depression, and calm anxious minds.

The best way to harness the benefits of Citrine is by wearing it daily or placing it in a visible corner of your home. Deposits for Citrine can be found in several regions, including Brazil, Bolivia, Madagascar, the United States, Argentina, France, Dauphine, Spain, Scottish Island, and in the Ural Mountains of Russia.


Another stone sometimes used for November, Aquamarine, symbolizes tranquility, harmony, clarity, calm, and serenity.

The rich blue color of the gemstone is associated with the gentle lull of the ocean and the soothing relief it brings. Aquamarine is also seen as a stone of courage. It embodies the wearer with the strength to move on from a bad relationship or past trauma.

The gemstone evokes empathy and encourages the desire to forgive others, be more tolerable and less judgmental. When in a situation where you cannot achieve a middle ground, the gem's power utilizes negotiation and comprise as tools to resolve the dispute and foster harmony. Aquamarine given as a gift to a loved one signifies commitment, trust, love, and lasting fidelity.

 Spiritual Aquamarine Opal Silver Ring

Aquamarine is effective in treating infections, allergies, sinus conditions, and inflammatory diseases. It is also used in treating eye problems, restoring vision, calming nervous spasms and panic attacks. If you are plagued with insomnia, placing aquamarine beads on your eyelids minutes before you go to bed or putting them under your pillow will help soothe your mind and make it easier for you to fall asleep.

You can find major mines for Aquamarine in Brazil. Other locations include; Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Malawi, and Russia.


Now that you know the birthstones associated with November, you can gift your loved one something special for their birthday to show how special they are to you. Or, you can get it as a gift for yourself and tap into all the benefits these precious gemstones have to offer.


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