Crystals for Success

Crystals for Success

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Hello my dear,

How is your week going so far? This week, I will share some tips of being successful in a job, project, competition etc. I was travelling abroad when I saw a nice small boutique. I wanted to check what they had for me. There were jewelry from natural crystals which looked great. The woman working there started a conversation with me.

I’ve heard that some of them may bring luck, success, love, peace, etc. There was a really long list, and I was interested. At that time, I decided to give it a chance to step into the magical world of crystals. This is how I bought my very first crystal. I was planning to start a business and she suggested three gemstones which would bring me luck and success. These gemstones are, citrine, pink quartz and labradorite. To be honest, all the time I was building that business I wore my jewelry. I felt the good and power in them, so I decided to be busier with crystal jewelry. This is how I ended up with Pretland! Today, I’m going to share with you my 6 favorite jewelry that I always wear during my work meetings, new beginnings, and important situations. I hope you’ll also give them a try and share the results with me.

Let me start with my precious Lena Citrine 24K Gold Ring. This ring is fabulous, and I wear it during my meetings, my dinners, any time it makes me feel confident and lucky! I think this Phoenix Citrine 24K Gold Necklace makes a stylish combination with Lena Citrine. Besides, I am a big fan of bracelets and I mostly choose between rose quartz and labradorite. I decide according to my outfit of course. If I choose rose quartz to wear I go between these Spirit Pink Rose Quartz Bracelet and Aphrodite Rose Quartz Bracelet. On the other hand, if I prefer labradorite I pick up either Black Labradorite Stone Bracelet  or Freyja Labradorite Bracelet. Do you have any of these items? Would you like to share your experience with me?


This is the third week I’m telling you about crystals and their powers. First week of my letter series, I’ve shared the crystals that are good for our mental health. The jewelry that we may use while struggling a lot to get some positive energy. If you haven’t read it yet, here you can read. The second week we have talked about physical health. Specifically, back pain, knee pain, blood system and immune system. Have you ever tried any of the suggested gems in this letter?

See you next week,


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