Conflicting Crystals: Crystals That Should Not Be Paired Together

Conflicting Crystals: Crystals That Should Not Be Paired Together

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Conflicting Crystals: Crystals That Should Not Be Paired Together

Theoretically, conflicting crystals do not exist.
However, if you easily get overwhelmed by emotions or an empath who is sensitive to feelings, experimenting with crystals or pairing them without care can negatively affect you by dwindling your energy.
Although crystal lovers love wearing all kinds of gemstones together and thrive in environments with an abundance of crystals, it is essential to note that some crystals conflict with your natural energy.
Some crystals may give you a headache, cause a sluggish feeling, or discomfort. This proves that your crystals are incompatible with your energy vibrations and need to be removed from your environment.
Break up the crystals and use them one by one.

What Are Conflicting Crystals

On their own, crystals are beautiful, naturally hewn stones. Each crystal has its meaning and contains different energy signatures. This means that a crystal’s energy can supplement or repel when paired with other crystals. When they repel each other, the crystals are known as conflicting crystals.
Conflicting crystals are when two or more crystals counter the other, blocking the user from enjoying the benefits of using them. Although conflicting crystals will not bring bad luck, they won’t achieve their full potential when they are paired together.

Conflicting Crystals That Should Not be Paired

1. Carnelian and Amethyst

Carnelian is used for boosting energy while Amethyst is used to calm energy. They are conflicting crystals as they cancel each other and send a conflicting signal to your chakra.
This will leave you feeling uneasy as you will be sending a mixed signal into your environment.
However, in some cases, thinking about your intention can help gravitate these energy signatures into your desired outcome. For instance, Amethyst can help to calm your anger, while Carnelian can boost your creative energy.

2.Sunstones and stones that are associated with Saturn and Venus

To allow your sunstones to function at total capacity, ensure that you do not mix them with antagonistic rocks with a different vibrational frequency.
For example, Rubies should not be paired with Sapphires, Diamonds, and Garnet because their energies are conflicting.

3. Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine

If you are going for an interview or any activity that requires you to be calm, pairing Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine is wrong.
On its own, the Green Aventurine will probably keep you calm, but the clear quartz is known for amplifying energy. This means that pairing these conflicting crystals will strengthen your nervous and tense energy.

4. Gomed and Cat’s eye

Rooted in Hindi Folklore, the Gomed and Cat’s eye stones should not be paired.
According to folklore, Gomed is the gemstone of planet Rahu, while Cat’s eye represents planet Ketu. Placing both planets side by side is said to be inviting evil into your life. That is also true for their stones.
When paired, Gomed may bring negative energy into you. It can also cause theft, restlessness, death, indulgence, or mental illness.

5. Blue Lace Agate and Red Jasper

Usually, people who are depressed pair a Blue Lace Agate for calm with a Red Jasper Crystal for an energy boost. They do not know that this is a bad combination.
On its own, the Red Jasper crystal helps amplify energy, while the Blue Lace Agate helps to slow down emotions and find calm. When paired, the red crystal dominates and boosts the low energy, making you more depressed. Blue Agate then works to slow down the process, leaving you feeling confused and inadequate.

General Guideline for Combining Crystals

The first rule to combining crystals is to know what you are looking to achieve.

For example, Carnelian works to energize you, while Blue Lace Agate is perfect for calming energy. When paired together, these crystals will cancel one another as they send out the wrong signal.

This is why you need to determine your intention. If you are looking to boost your creative energy and improve communication, pairing both crystals can work. However, if you are looking to increase your physical energy, pairing them is a disaster.

Your intention determines the effectiveness of your crystal combination.

In deciding your intentions and avoiding conflicting crystals, a factor that helps is to know what kind of energy is contained in your chosen crystals. Do these crystals have more energizing energy, or do they work to calm the energy in your space?

While this is usually tricky, some general guidelines are:

  • Warmer colors like red, orange, and yellow are ideal for boosting and energizing. Also, they are motivating colors, and they inspire you to move, keep going, and keep the fire sparking.
  • Known as cooler colors, colors like light blue, violet, and indigo work to achieve calmness and soothing. If you are feeling closed in, these colors will give you a spacey vibe that frees you. Generally, cooler colors call for peace and signify slowing down.
  • You can use the green color to avoid pairing conflicting crystals and achieve balance. Green is a middle point between warm and calm, making it ideal for this. It can be soothing yet expansive in many cases.

Wrapping Up

Like all energy practices, there are no strict rules to guide in combining crystals. You are the deciding factor of your practice. Once you learn to trust your higher self and intuition, you can decide which crystal combination is best for you.
Also, your intention matters when it comes to avoiding conflicting crystals. If you are struggling with deciding what you want to achieve, use energizing and calming crystals to help you gain clarity. Remember that you do not need to carry or wear many crystals for you to achieve a powerful combination.
Do you like combining crystals? How do you combine crystals? Do you feel out-of-sorts when you combine crystals? Share your experience with combining crystals or conflicting crystals in the comment section below.



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