How To Use Crystals For Cleansing Crystals

How To Use Crystals For Cleansing Crystals

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How To Use Crystals For Cleansing Crystals

Did you know that you can use crystals for cleansing crystals, making them more effective?

Crystals have a memory where they store every touch and energy that has passed through them. To dispel these other energies and purify your crystals, all you have to do is cleanse them.

Cleansing crystals are essential when it comes to keeping their energy pure and adequately tuned for you.

If you are reading how to use crystals for cleansing crystals, you are not a beginner. You already know the powerful, silent vibrations these stones carry and how you can harness their stable energy aura to keep your system in harmony.

As much as these crystals heal from within by re-channeling our body’s energy level, they can also hold on to past energies, which will, in turn, affect their performances.

Why You Should Cleanse Your Crystals

These stones are very adept at picking up energy, and this is because they deal with vibrations. Wherever your crystal is stored, it accumulates the energy —good or bad— around that place.

If you have stored your crystals on a shelf for way too long, now might be a good time to clean because not only is it physically dirty, the vibrations stored in it are no longer pure.

Also, if you have just acquired a newly purchased crystal, the first thing to do is cleanse. Before making their way to you, these crystal(s) have been in contact with way too many people.

Crystals That Cleanse Other Crystals

Using crystals for cleansing is a method as old as time, and there are a few unique stones just for this purpose. These stones work by vibrating at a higher frequency than the other stones, making them the perfect cleansing crystals.

1. Selenite

Spiritual Selenite Lamp

Selenite is famous for being a potent healing stone. While several stones perform similar functions, many crystal lovers agree that Selenite is the most powerful for healing and wholeness.

This powerful healing attribute of this crystal also makes it very suitable for use in cleansing other stones. Aside from its cleansing capabilities, Seleniteenhancese peace of mind and improves a person’s overall mood. If there is one must-have crystal for your collection, then this is it.

2. Obsidian

Protective Obsidian Orgone Pyramid

When it comes to solid protection, the Obsidian crystal is incredible.

It works by drawing out negative energies from the environment, making it one of the best cleansing crystals. No matter the emotional fog clouding your aura, this crystal works tirelessly to dispel it.

Obsidian helps to heal from trauma and drop emotional baggage. It enhances your brain processes and lets you shift through hurtful emotions faster than usual, bringing fulfillment and transformation along the way.

3. Amethyst

Natural Raw Amethyst Crystal

Think about those heavy battle armor warriors of old would put on when it was time for battle. Now visualize this crystal as that armor shielding you from every outside, negative energy. Amethyst is a great buffer that bounces off any energy threatening to offset your balance.

This quality makes it perfect for cleansing crystals because it enhances their wholeness by removing any negative energy that it has picked up.

Amethyst also works to keep you aware of your surroundings, which is very important for humans. So if you feel like your intuition has been a little dull despite having natural stones that should help, get yourself an amethyst stone for a positive spiritual turnaround.

4. Crab Fire Agate

If you feel like you need an anchor due to the torrent of emotions you’re phasing through, then this crystal is for you.

It helps you deeply understand the mortality of life and its biological processes. The frequency vibrations of this crystal are high, and you can see it from the scattered web designs in this stone that was created from heat. This makes it highly suitable as a cleansing crystal.

Cleansing Your Crystals Using Crystals

Now that you know what cleansing crystals to use for your next cleanse, it is time to see how this process works.

Using crystals for cleansing other crystals is relatively easy.

All you have to do is put the crystal close to the stone you want to cleanse. You can try the balancing act, where the cleansing crystal would rest on the other crystal, but if you can’t do this, you can also put them together in a bag and close it up.

Leave the crystals together for about six to seven hours, or if you are patient, overnight!

This long period would give the crystals enough time to communicate and neutralize every bad energy being hosted in them.

Other methods of cleansing your crystals involve:

● The use of saltwater
● Burying the crystals
● Moonlight/Sunlight
● Smudge them with sage

How To Reprogram Your Crystals

Reprogramming your crystals should be done immediately after cleansing.

You can do this by standing in natural light and manifesting good into your crystals. Constantly speaking to your crystals would ensure their vibrations stay in tune with your plans for it.


To get the most out of your crystals, you have to go the extra mile in taking excellent care of them. They do serious work when it comes to balancing your energy levels, and in doing so, store up a lot of outside energies.

If you don’t cleanse and reprogram your crystals, they will not work for you.



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