Crystals Against Cancer

Crystals Against Cancer

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Crystals Against Cancer

Hey crystal lovers,

Recently I came across another story of how crystals helped a fellow crystal lover to pull through an extremely tough time in her life.


When I was in the hospital dealing with my dad dying from cancer, I used a lot of crystals for healing and balancing. 

The night before my dad passed away, I slept over in the hospital with my mom. 

While I was there I put on chakra healing music and placed crystals all over my body. 

Just seeing my dad so deathly ill was so toxic and draining. But the crystals made such a huge difference, I felt rejuvenated and alive.


As I read the full story, I could see myself tearing. Usually, I am no crybaby but whenever I hear how crystals are such a strong support in someone’s life, I feel so happy inside my wobbly heart.

I can’t imagine how much pain this person was going through but I am so glad that her crystals made her feel so much better in the hospital room.

Through this short yet emotional story, I want you to know that you are not alone.

If you are going through something very difficult in your life right now.

Your crystals are here for you. I am here for you.

I understand that life is not easy and sometimes it seems like all hope is lost. But it is not lost until we give up.

And you should never give up. Because you are blessed with so many crystal guardians in your life. And you have a beautiful community that shares the same passion for crystals as you do.

So thank you. Thank you for coming into my life and allowing me to come into yours. 

We are still early in our spiritual journey together and I am sure we will still grow a lot more in understanding more about spirituality.

Time for me to start my daily meditation. Today, I am choosing to go with a non-guided meditation and only want to focus on the peaceful music for about twenty minutes.

Stay strong, Pretland warrior.


P.S. In case you like to get some Lapis Lazuli crystals to absorb negativity from your body and help you to focus on becoming more positive and less stressed. Here are some crystals to help you manifest that faster.


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