5 Healing Crystals You Can Use Now

5 Healing Crystals You Can Use Now

5 Healing Crystals You Can Use Now

Healing crystals are everything.

Not only are they perfect for clearing the mind and sharpening your consciousness, but they also have healing abilities to achieve soundness of mind, body, and soul. Healing crystals help the body and mind get rid of negative energy by promoting good energy flow with emotional and physical benefits.

To help you get started, here are 5 healing crystals you can buy now. As an ancient form of medicine, these powerful rocks will keep you grounded and whole.

How to Choose The Perfect Crystal For You

To select the perfect healing crystal for you, the first thing that you must do is to identify what you think is missing. That way, you know which crystal will give you what you are seeking.
Next, trust your intuition to choose the best crystal for you. Usually, this is when you feel a physical pull towards a crystal, or the stone catches your eye, and you find it difficult to let it go.
When this happens, you can create the connection that you need to make use of the crystal.

5 Best Healing Crystals For You

These healing stones and crystals are all you need right now.

Clear Quartz

Famously called the Master Healer, clear quartz is a versatile stone that absorbs, stores, regulates, and releases energy. It also magnifies magical intention so that it helps transmit positive vibes or to heal.

The stone can improve concentration and memory. Physically, it stimulates the immune system and balances your body’s functioning.

For improved effectiveness, pair the clear quartz stone with rose quartz. You can also use clear quartz to enhance the power of other crystals.


Do you feel oppressed by negative thoughts? Use this crystal to achieve a higher state of consciousness.

This purple stone protects you by ridding your space of negative energy. Historically, amethyst is famous for healing psychological pain and bringing forth spiritual wisdom. It also aids recovery for people who are struggling with one form of addiction or the other as it promotes sobriety.

Most users have touted the amethyst healing crystal for its ability to improve sleep, making it helpful in combating insomnia. Physically, it cleanses the blood, relieves pain and stress while boosting hormone production.

Rose Quartz

Lovers, get in here!

The Rose quartz is a pink stone that symbolizes love and harmony in relationships. It is a calming crystal that is ideal for opening up to love and healing fractures in existing relationships.

This stone helps relationships by restoring trust and harmony while improving the close connection.

Its soothing power encourages the user to embrace passion, celebrate and enjoy intimacy. It also helps to enjoy the beauty and compassion in your relationship. If you are seeking some sweet romance and love in your relationship, this pink stone is what you need.

Not only does it improve your relationship with others, but it also improves self-love. This stone encourages self-trust, self-respect and enhances your sense of self-worth.

In times of grief, the rose quartz has been said to comfort and keep the grieving calm. It can be handy when mourning a loved one who has passed or during a breakup.

Black Tourmaline

With the Black Tourmaline healing crystal, you do not need a bodyguard!

This potent crystal acts as a dynamic force field protector that repels and absorbs negative energy and releases positive energy into your space.

It can be worn around the neck as a protective talisman, carried around in your pocket, or placed on your work desk to ward off a sense of doom.


You deserve some joy, warmth, wonder, and renewed enthusiasm in your life.

The Citrine stone is a golden hue crystal that carries a blend of optimistic, creative, and prosperous energy. It helps to release negative energy like fear from your life, replacing it with motivation, warmth, and clarity. It also improves your concentration and allows you to sharpen your creative edge.

When infused with sunlight, it radiates your intentions and has the power to turn your dreams into reality. If you are looking for a daily dose of self-confidence booster, you should get this healing crystal.

How to Clean Healing Crystals at Home

Caring for your crystals start from the moment you bring them home. You will need to wash away any negativity they may have picked up from the store you bought. To do this, simply hold them under cold, runny water from a tap or rinse them in a natural water source like a river. Be sure that the water is neither hot nor warm, as you should only use cool water when rinsing your healing crystals.

For improved cleaning, add a bit of sea salt to the water or burn sage over the crystals to rid them of unwanted energy. If you live close to an ocean, clean your crystals in the flowing water body. You can also cleanse your crystals by leaving them to dry out in the morning sunlight or under a full moon to allow the light to filter through them.

Apart from the physical care, one way to enhance the power of your crystals is by removing all the negative energies, doubt, or skepticism in your mind about their ability to work. If you do not respect or trust these crystals to work, you will not get the healing results you seek.

Wrapping Up

The single, most important key to unlocking the powers of these haling crystals is to be open-minded. Being open to the energy they exude will leave you feeling physically and emotionally whole in no time.

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