Snakes Are Magical Creatures Too

Snakes Are Magical Creatures Too

Hi snake and crystal lovers,

Yesterday, I was scrolling through the world of Facebook again.

And this picture came up on my feed.


rose crystals and snake

Now, I have never seen a pink snake.

And have never seen a pink snake in love with crystals! 

I wonder if it is because they are of the same color.

Who knows?

Life works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, this came from the owner of the snake, he sounds like a great person to be with.


Just wanted to share this with you guys, the snake, Venus De Milo is a 2-month-old baby Ball Python: Banana Sterling Yellowbelly Morph.

Morphs are snakes (usually Ball Pythons) that are bred to you have unique patterns and colors that are not found in nature.

Unlike dogs and cats, a Ball Pythons health, personality, size, and shape are not determined. 

This breeding process resulting in her beautiful pink pastel color and she loved the Rose Quartz Crystal I put in her habitat. 

Snakes are very magical creatures and they only cause fear or disgust because of ignorance (I will delete any snake hate posts, if you think they are icky than please keep scrolling)

I have two females the other is older and is not a morph just a traditional Ball Python, her name is Medusa, she has a large quartz point and a fluorite obelisk in her tank, it’s cool.

The snakes are clearly attracted to crystals. 

I intend to train both to be my Familiars.

If you guys could do me a favor, please wish both snakes long healthy happy lives


Talk about magical!

Now we know more about snakes.

And yes, I wish them long healthy happy lives too :)

For those who have no idea what is a Familiar, it is a spirit animal that is supposed to guide you in your life.

Anyway, if you would like to get some crystals for your pet snake or dragon, you can do so below.

But I still think these crystal jewelries would look better on you.  

Time for me to get my pets a 7-chakra crystal necklace.

I hope they like it.



P.S. If you have any cool stories or crystal articles you like to share, please share the link as a comment so everyone can hear it too!


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