Three Crystals for Your Work Desk

Three Crystals for Your Work Desk

Work Desk Crystals

Hi guys,

Recently, a Pretland subscriber sent me this message.


Hey Jenny, I have a short question for you.

If you could pick three crystals to have on your desk at work, which would you choose? I have a very stressful job and want low stress, clarity, and anything anti-anxiety. Thanks in advance


I thought this would be a great topic because I am sure you might benefit from this too.

It is so important to have the right crystal to put on your work desk so that you are able to focus and perform at work every day.

I understand it can get very stressful sometimes and you feel a lot of negative energy at times.


So here are three crystals that will make sure your positive energy tank is always filled to the top.


  1. Rose Quartz

This is a very popular crystal in general when it comes to building love and relationships.

It speaks directly to the Heart Chakra, dissolving emotional wounds, fears, and resentments.

If you have been feeling bitter because of a misunderstanding at work.

Or you have unresolved conflict and pent up anger towards a fellow colleague or superior.

This crystal is for you.

Let Rose Quartz do its magic and melt away all those negative energy.

Imagine it filling you with lots of love and positive energy instead.

If your colleague/superior feels the love from you, I am sure they will apologize and give you back double the love as well.


  1. Black Tourmaline

This is a very powerful crystal that works like a sponge because it soaks up all the negative energy around it.

Put this on your work desk if you are working in a very toxic work environment.

I had a friend once who shared with me that her work environment was toxic and that her colleagues only cared about themselves.

Always acting nice in front of their superiors but never showing true care and concern when the superiors are gone.

If you are working in such an environment, I strongly encourage you to bring black tourmaline to work and allow it to cleanse your work space.


  1. Amethyst  

Now, before you say I am bias because I am an Amethyst lover, you are not completely wrong.

But Amethyst really can help in almost every situation.

Amethyst is said to be the natural tranquilizer for crystals because it relieves stress and dissolves negativity.

If you feel Black Tourmaline is too overwhelming for you, try Amethyst instead.

It will still help you to transmute the negative energy in you to positive energy instead.

I personally wear an Amethyst necklace to work every day because it helps to keep me in a positive state which is super important for me to perform up to standard.


This concludes the three crystals for your work desk.

Which crystal will have the honor of being your work desk pet? Leave a comment below.

I love to know.



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