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Happy New Year!

We are coming soon at the end of 2020. This year was such a big disaster for all world. We had to keep away from our loved ones. We had to work from home. We had should not go to school. We all were at the home for a whole year. Most of us have bored, tired. However, we are waiting for good days in 2021, and hope your 2021 will be much better than in 2020!

As a Pretland family, we got over 2020 by means of crystals. Beliefs in crystals and meditation made us better. We all feel good now. That’s why we would like to share our experiences and beliefs with you! You will feel happy, tranquil, lovely, and more in 2021.

Here there are gift ideas for yourself and your loved ones to have a good year!

1. Spiritual stones open the chakras and affect your body immediately. In the past, people believed that if you keep the spiritual stones clean and meditate with them, your crystals begin to speak to you and show the ways of health and happiness. Today, crystals still have the same metaphysical features. Many people prefer to use them in their houses as decoration. Hence, they are feeling the energy of the stones. If you place these spiritual stones around your home or any other living space, you will benefit from the energy of these inspiring stones.

2. Did you know Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer? It relieves your stress and soothes your irritability, making it a great crystal to meditate with when you are stressed at work. So next time your boss makes you stressed at work, imagine the amethyst crystal absorbing all that stress and negative energy away from you. (Or tell your boss that he/she is making you stressed and you cannot work well!

3. Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals? This is a great crystal to use when meditating with other crystals as you will be able to feel positive energy more strongly from your crystals.

4. Tiger’s Eye helps you to focus your mind and promote mental clarity so that your emotions will not cloud you when you are doing important work.Like a tiger, you will be able to focus and catch your “prey”, whether it be a job promotion or breakthrough in your life. Wear this crystal for important meetings or presentations. And you will nail them and catch your "prey."

5. Moonstone is known for reducing emotional tension, which will help you drift into dreamland. Soon you will dream yourself in your favorite place lying down and watching the clouds go by. (Look, that clouds look like a sheep)

As you spend more time with each crystal, you will start to experience different types of vibration and energy from each of them.

Happy New Year!

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