Best Crystals For Meditation

Best Crystals For Meditation

Best Crystals For Meditation

Have you ever experienced mind travel using crystals for meditation?

A moment in time where everything seems surreal, reaching deep into the core of your mind?
Where you hear nothing around you but the thoughts of your mind.
You may have heard before now that no matter who you are, you can self-discover yourself, improve your health and be open-minded to making better decisions. Well, there is no lie in that. Why? because the more you practice, the better you will be, the harder you train, the great in you they will see. - Alcutis Turner says.
When connecting with the mind and meditating is becoming increasingly difficult, it is easier to practice meditation with the best crystals for meditation.

Why You Should Use Crystals For Meditation

Crystals are sparkling stones with a healing force to help you meditate over a long period. They are synonymous with everything that speaks spirituality, helping you discover mind steadiness.
Crystals are best for meditating as they bring you closer to a tender state of meditation, mind-clearing, a safe place for good emotions to spring forth, and to silence racing thoughts that can send us into infinite mazes of our imagination.

This allows you to enter a meditative state and alleviate whatever issues you want to target.

Using crystals for meditation can power up the potential of your intentions. Each crystal has its frequency and metaphysical features, which help you vibrate in alliance with it and soak up its sensational benefits!

They will help you generate sleepy energies to wind down and ensure deep sleep. If ever you have found it hard sleeping for up to 8-9 hours per day or stopped dreaming, using crystals underneath your pillows can be of tremendous help for people with chronic sleep disorders.

How To Meditate With Crystals

Meditating with crystals may seem a bit confusing, however knowing how to prepare for a crystal meditation changes everything.
With these easy steps, your meditation sessions will take a new turn.

  • Set your intentions: Why are you meditating? What results do you want to see by the end of your meditation session? These questions help you not to lose focus during each practice session.
  • Choose your crystals: Now that you know some of the best crystals for meditation - find out which of them is calling out to you? To know this, simply place your palm over the crystal, close your eyes, and expect a pull. If you get one, it is right for you; if you didn’t get a draw, move on to the next crystal.
  • Cleanse your stone: It is essential to care for your crystals as they are delicate and because your already possessed crystal will soak up a lot of different energies that you do not desire to take on! Simple processes such as washing your stone under cold water and cleansing it with essentials oil will keep your crystals ready for use anytime.
  • Charge your crystal: It is essential to recharge your crystals. You can do so by placing your precious possession under moonlight or sunlight for limited hours.

6 Best Crystals For Meditation

Finding the best crystal for meditation can be a daunting task. However, this list of crystals can help you get started.


Quartz is a family of beautiful crystals. They are considered a good choice when recovering from any form of illness. There are different kinds of quartz crystals, including Smoke, Rose, Clear.

Smoke Quartz

Smoke Quartz is the stone to meditate with when feelings of negativity flood your mind. It helps dismiss negative energy and uplift you if you suffer from anxiety.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz improves mindfulness. Clear quartz is one of the best meditation stones, if not the best.
If you feel out of balance, stressed out, and emotionally drained, the chief master stone is perfect for your meditation.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz bears the name - love stone- because it encourages self-love and acceptance, opens the heart for giving and receiving love.

Black Tourmaline

This crystal repels negative energy by spreading a cloak of protection around you. It keeps you grounded and transmits the positive energy that you need to get going.
No matter how you space out during meditation, the stone helps you stay connected to your physical environment.


Rooted in lavenders hue and deep purple hues, this crystal is forever a soothing presence. With its warm feel, it is a must-have.
It helps you think straight, clears your worries and warms your heart with compassion.


If you are looking to promote your flexibility and serenity, selenite is the crystal.
It is a calming crystal that teaches internal and stands for all kinds of meditation. It assists in judging and in portraying clearer insight.


Are you seeking transition? Meet the stone of change.
Lepidolite is a soul stabilizer that helps you engage in certain connections rather than connections made out of uncertainties. It is a peace-receiving crystal that brings on peaceful energy and keeps you grounded.


Garnet is beneficial for providing energy. If you are seeking rejuvenation and renewed vitality, you should choose the garnet crystal for meditation. It is also a good choice when recovering from illness.
Some members of the Garnet stone family include Pyrope Garnet, which stimulates relaxation during meditation aimed at increasing physical strength, and Spessartine garnet that provides a sense of serene focus when used in meditation.

Wrapping Up

Stay powerful!

Using crystals for meditation crystals helps you to open new avenues within. You could connect to that younger self and feel alive at almost all times.
There is no established way to practice crystal meditation. You will know what feels right for you.
Reach deep, have a positive outlook, and know that you have always got a shot; your mind is the best remedy.



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