The Most Important Thing to have when Meditating

The Most Important Thing to have when Meditating

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Hey everyone,

When was the last time you went out to a shopping mall to shop?

Quite a long time right?

Well, it’s the same for us.

But it was impossible with the high number of cases increasing in the US.

In fact, as I am writing this today, the US has 2,470,780 coronavirus cases!

Imagine bumping into someone who has the virus and catching the virus by accident!

Not a good thing to happen.

Anyway, I wanted to buy some new plants and incense candles to improve my meditation set up in my room.

When I arrived at the shopping center, it was definitely not as crowded as before.

People were trying to practice social distancing with each other by having a small gap between each other.

Then, I went to pick out some new plants.

Studies show nature is soothing and healing, so bringing some element of nature into your space can help you meditate better.

I thought these looked pretty.

And my favorite color is blue as well.

Blue Flower

They are called Hydrangea Arborescens Blue and cost about $9.52.

Next, I went to pick out some incense candles.

Allowing the aroma to spread around in the room as you meditate provides a more multi-sensory experience for you.

This allows you to relax more and focus on meditating.

But, when it comes to meditating with crystals for us crystal lovers, do you know what is the most important thing to have when meditating?

No, it’s not plants or candles.

They are great but the most important thing to have are the crystals themselves.

And this is why I prepared the Beginner Spiritual Crystal Set for you which consists of Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and many more.

If you have trouble focusing or meditating.

Hold the Amethyst crystal and allow the Amethyst to clear away all negative thoughts in your mind as you meditate.

If you have relationship problems. (fight with a spouse or family member)

Allow the Rose Quartz bracelet to heal your emotional wounds.

There is always a crystal for every problem you face in life.

Believe that they will help you overcome all of them.

See you later.



P.S. If you have already meditate, please share your thoughts with us. Leave a comment and let us know.

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