Seven Types of Meditation: Find the Ideal One for You

Seven Types of Meditation: Find the Ideal One for You

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MeditationMeditation is a great way to relax for us. Thanks to meditation, our awareness could rise, and we can feel relieved in this stressful world. Meditation is a great opportunity to get psychological wellness.
Masters of meditation have developed different types of meditation. Thanks to a wide variety of meditation types all people could find a type of meditation that is proper for them according to their lifestyles and personalities. In addition to this, it is very important to state that there is no ‘’true way’’ of meditation. People could try different ways of meditation until they find the perfect version for them. Then, let’s look at the different versions of meditation. 

1. Metta Meditation

The goal of metta meditation is to have sympathy and compassion toward anything that is part of this world, including our enemies and stress resources. Practitioners of metta meditation open their minds for compassion and sympathy while taking deep breaths. Then, they send love messages to nature, to the people, and their loved ones. The key factor of this meditation is to send messages again and again until they feel a powerful sense of love and compassion.
Metta meditation could be helpful against
Conflict between people
Post-traumatic stress

    2.  Mindfulness Meditation

     Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation that encourages people to be aware of the current situation instead of living in the past or worrying for the future. Everyone could easily practice mindfulness meditation almost everywhere. 
    According to researchers, mindfulness meditation is helpful against
    Reducing the fixation in sentiments
    Enhancing the focus
    Enhancing the memory
    Reducing emotional, impulsive reactions
    Enhancing relationship satisfaction
                     Some researchers say that mindfulness meditation could be a cure against diseases.  For instance, mindfulness meditation lowers the blood pressure in men with chronic kidney disease, according to research.      

      3. Breath Awareness Meditation

                     Breath awareness encourages mindful breathing to its practitioners.  Practitioners count their breaths while taking deep breaths. The goal is to focus on breathing instead of thoughts. Breath awareness meditation offers the same benefits as mindfulness meditation such as reducing the level of anxiety, advanced concentration, and emotional flexibility.    

      4. Progressive Muscle Meditation

                     This type of meditation is also known as body scan meditation. It encourages people to scan areas of tension in their bodies.  The goal of Progressive Muscle Meditation is to realize the tension and set it free.
                     After a gradual loosening in the muscles, practitioners try to activate all parts of their bodies. They generally start from their feet, and then they continue with other parts of the body.
                     This type of meditation offers a remedy for chronic pains as well as relaxation and calmness.  Because this type of meditation relaxes the body slowly in a steady way, some people use it for better night sleep.

      5. Kundalini Yoga

      Kundalini Yoga is a type of meditation that blends yoga movements with breathing and mantras. In this type of meditation, practitioners are physically active.
      As other forms of yoga, Kundalini Yoga could enhance physical power and reduce pain.  Moreover, it could also offer mental wellness by reducing depression and anxiety. According to a 2008 study, kundalini yoga improves the energy and mental health while reducing the pain.      

      6. Zen Meditation

                     This type of meditation is also known as Zazan. It is a significant practice in Buddhism. Many practitioners of Zen Meditation practice with a teacher because there are some exact steps and posters in Zen Meditation. The goal of Zen Meditation is to find a comfy position, to focus on breathing, and observe the thoughts without judging thoughts carefully.
      Zen Meditation is also similar to awareness meditation; however, it requires more discipline and practice.  People will prefer Zen Meditation especially if they look for a new spiritual way.

      7. Transcendental Meditation

      The goal of transcendental meditation is to bass beyond the person’s existence. While practicing transcendental meditation, practitioners sit and breathe slowly while focusing on a mantra.  They try to focus on a mantra by repeating some words.  Practitioners can choose any word they want. However, the words are generally determined by the teachers.  Both the awareness and the spiritual experiences of the people who practice transcendental meditation would rise according to several research.
      For a better meditation experience, these suggestions could be helpful
      • Focus the meditation experience itself rather than the result. Savoring the moment is a key to successful meditation.
      • A person should not decide if the meditation session is good, bad, right, or wrong. Instead, s/he should savor the moment.
      • To be an expert is a difficult thing for meditation. It is similar to the muscle-building process. Some people could feel angry when they practice meditation for the first time. They should continue the practices.
      • The key is to observe and accept the sentiments and thoughts without judging.



        P.S. If you have already meditate, please share your thoughts with us. Leave a comment and let us know.

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