Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring
Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring
Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring
Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring
Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring

Amethyst Sterling Silver Ring

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Amethyst is a special stone for protection against negative emotions. It eliminates anger, fear, and anxiety as well as other negative energy. Amethyst is known for bringing calmness and mental clarity. It promotes emotional balance, clear and intellectual thinking. It is also used to help improve concentration and motivation.

Amethyst has the power to help you focus your energy and enhance your memory.  
Amethyst crystals are aiding the crown chakra that is the highest chakra. It not only opens the crown chakra but also protects against negative energy and emotions. If you own this handcrafted ring, you will feel uplifting your energy!

Sterling Silver helps with great psychological well-being. Moon gave this metal a feminine symbol as well of softness, purity, transparency, and soul… Silver was then the symbol of numerous goddesses linked to the moon.

Its rich, royal, deep purple hues bring a rhythmic divine light to areas touched by darkness. It can help uplift energy! When uncertainty arises along your journey through life, trust in amethyst to provide clarity. Find your inner strength.
Ring Size Chart:
Ring Size Diameter  Circumference
5 15.7mm or 0.618" 49mm or 1.93"
6 16mm or 0.62" 52mm or 2.04"
7 17mm or 0.66" 54mm or 2.12"
8 18mm or 0.7" 57mm or 2.24"
9 19mm or 0.74" 59mm or 2.32"
10 20mm or 0.78" 62mm or 2.44"
11 20.6mm or 0.81" 64.6mm or 2.54"
Product Details:
  • Item Type: Ring
  • Material: Natural Amethyst, White Topaz, Cubic Zircon
  • Ring Size: 5 - 11
  • Main Color: Purple
  • Handmade
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