Amethyst Boho Wrap Bracelet
Amethyst Boho Wrap Bracelet
Amethyst Boho Wrap Bracelet
Amethyst Boho Wrap Bracelet

Amethyst Boho Wrap Bracelet

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Amethyst carries a high spiritual vibration of humility and devotion to the Divine. It is highly conducive to stilling one’s thoughts in prayer and meditation and surrendering to that which is greater than the self. Amethyst also known to stimulates the higher mind to receive one’s spiritual power as a creation of the Divine being and to open to the insights, wisdom and guidance that is offered.

This magnificent bracelet is handmade with natural Amethyst gemstone and wax cord. Length 80 cm (31.5 inches ) it is adjustable to your wrist through the 3 closures. 

Meanwhile Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments, and creating a resonant shield of spiritual Light around the body. It known to brings spirituality into harmony with the intellect and inspires a profound flow of creativity, new ideas and insights. It is a remarkable healing stone, removing pain and tension while bringing energy and a sense of well-being to the mind and body. 

You can wear this gorgeous bracelet anytime and anywhere!

Product Details

  • Product Type:  Wrap Bracelets
  • Material: Natural Amethyst Stone, Vegan Wax Cord, Stainless Steel
  • Size: 80 cm + 3 Adjustable Closure Size Options

How long will it take to receive my order?

  • There is a 4-5 day processing time to allow for the bracelet to be made.

Insured Shipping Estimated Delivery Times:

  • USA: 2 - 3 weeks (10 - 21 days)
  • WORLDWIDE: 3 - 8 Weeks (21 - 56 days)

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