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Natural Growth and Protection Bracelet
Natural Growth and Protection Bracelet
Natural Growth and Protection Bracelet
Natural Growth and Protection Bracelet

Natural Growth and Protection Bracelet

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A powerful protection stone, Labradorite deflects negative thoughts and unwanted energies. Wear this Natural Growth and Protection Bracelet and watch your insecurities and fears vanish. This stone calms an overactive mind, eliminates false ideas and beliefs, and balances rational thinking with intuition. Emotionally, it supports self-trust and stability in times of transition.

African Turquoise is a transformational stone known as the "Stone of Evolution". Aside from bringing a sparkle to your spirit, this stone brings forth encouragement for growth, development, and positive changes within life itself. African Turquoise helps create structure, balance, and prosperity. It provides stability and emotional balance when making changes, eases mood swings, and relieves anger and depressed feelings.

Working with the Heart Chakra, Green Quartz has a healing effect when worn or carried. Green Quartz has transformational energy, aiding one in the transformation of negative energies to positive. It is also known to attract prosperity and success and to stimulate one's creativity.

This wonderful 5 layer chakra healing bracelet is handmade with different types of natural stones such as African Turquoise, Labradorite, and crystal beads as well as a beautiful gold plated Green Quartz stone centerpiece. Each stone has wonderful healing properties. It is 32 inches (83.5 cm) long and is adjustable to your wrist.

Product Details:

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Material: Semi-precious Stones, Alloy & Copper Beads, Leather, Metal
  • Stone Type: Labradorite and African Turquoise
  • Clasp Type: Easy-hook
  • Length: Around 83,5cm (32in) + 3 Closures for Adjustment

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