Menkaure's Quartz Pyramid
Menkaure's Quartz Pyramid
Menkaure's Quartz Pyramid

Menkaure's Quartz Pyramid

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Quartz crystal is known as the master healer. It is also known to clear the smog of negativity in the mind and enhances receptiveness into the spiritual realm and it encourages spiritual awakening and growth. It also enhances communication between physical and spiritual harmony.

It is said to believe to improve the circulatory and immune system with its power to increase energy flow within the system. It aids migraine motion sickness. It induces positivity, clean thought, and an emotional balance system. Quartz Crystal can amplify the healing vibrations from other healing crystals toward its bearer. 

Made with pure quartz crystal, the Healing Quartz Crystal Pyramid is a great piece to include in your home and office or somewhere else you love to help you interest the healing it can give you and your family, may it be mentally, physically or spiritually!

Product Detail:

  • Material: Crystal
  • Item Style: Paperweight
  • Color: Transparent/Clear
  • Size: 60mm (2.36"), 80mm (3.15")

*Please expect a small difference in size due to manual measurement. 

You can use these healing crystals in different ways like you can wear it, place it in part of your body, sleep near them or place them in your home or car.

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