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Lovely Emerald Ring
Lovely Emerald Ring
Lovely Emerald Ring
Lovely Emerald Ring
Lovely Emerald Ring

Lovely Emerald Ring

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Emerald has been one of the most famous stones for ages. The history of this stone goes back to the Cleopatra era. Many powerful women, especially Cleopatra, preferred this stone to feel the energy of the emerald.

This stone affects the heart and sacral chakras. It brings positive actions and eliminates negativity. Your physical, mental, and emotional equilibrium are balanced as they should be with this stone.
The emerald is also known as “the stone of successful love”.  The lovely emerald ring is a good gift to exhibit love for your loved ones. It enhances unconditional love and promotes friendships. It also promotes inspiration and patience. You will absolutely feel the energy if you have this ring.
In Pretland, each stone has been selected carefully and all jewelry is handcrafted. The crystal has perfect brightness. It is crafted from 925 Sterling silver. Sizes are available from 5 to 12. 
Product Details:
Gem Type: Nano Emerald
Main Stone Size: Approx. (5 mm)
Stone Colour: Green
Stone Shape: Square
Metal Type: 925 Sterling Silver
Side Stone: Cubic Zircon
Item Weight: Approx. 1.6 g

Sizing guide:

Ring Size Diameter  Circumference
5 15.7mm or 0.618" 49mm or 1.93"
6 16mm or 0.62" 52mm or 2.04"
7 17mm or 0.66" 54mm or 2.12"
8 18mm or 0.7" 57mm or 2.24"
9 19mm or 0.74" 59mm or 2.32"
10 20mm or 0.78" 62mm or 2.44"
11 21mm or 0.82" 65mm or 2.56"
12 22mm or 0.86" 68mm or 2.68"


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