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Spiritual Ocean Agate Earrings
Spiritual Ocean Agate Earrings
Spiritual Ocean Agate Earrings

Spiritual Ocean Agate Earrings

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Agate stone is a popular healing crystal that can be balancing for healing when you are worried about your life. It also helps enhance your feelings of stability and bring you a sense of peace and calm. It is a stone of strength and was used in ancient times on armor, where it was thought to promote strength in battle. Agate is thought to balance the body’s energy and promote strength in the body, providing courage and protection as well as healing and calm.

Agate also has the power of uncovering invisible positive energy. It is known as a good luck stone and a stone of harmony. It increases energy, but only when needed.

These earrings are the result of art. After ordering the Spiritual Ocean Agate Earrings you will feel the difference between yourself and the others. If you are looking for changing your life to positive spiritual energies these handmade earrings are for you!


Product Details:

Material: Agate Crystal, Alloy

Stone Size: Length is around 4cm

Main Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Pisces, Aquarius


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