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Jade Protection Wrap Bracelet
Jade Protection Wrap Bracelet
Jade Protection Wrap Bracelet
Jade Protection Wrap Bracelet
Jade Protection Wrap Bracelet

Jade Protection Wrap Bracelet

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 The Secret Power And The Secret Influence!

You will not believe in the wonderful protection effect of this bracelet. This splendid handmade leather mix of natural semi-precious gemstone beads such as Jasper and Moss Agate, and a natural faceted Green Jade Centre-piece.

The Jade stone is known as the stone of courage power and loyalty. Calming and soothing vibration opens the heart chakra in addition to awaken feelings of self-confidence. It is very useful for emotional healing. The soothing energy from Jade relieves irritability while helping to eliminate negativity. The Jade stone provides to preserve pure energy. This is the secret of a healing bracelet. It is proved to enrich people's spirits. Also, it's mainly considered as a symbol of serenity and purity which is believed to good luck, friendship peace, and harmony.

On the other hand, one of the quite spiritual stones is Moss Agate. This stone has several excellent qualities one of them is grounding excess spiritual energy. It has balanced enduring energy and grounding ability. The influence of this crystal will also help you maintain your connection to the earth. 

Jasper is a protection stone. They all carry a strong connection to the Earth's energy as well as it is benefits stability and strength. They are healers and spirit stones of courage. 


Product Details:

  • Item Type: Wrap Bracelet
  • Style: Bohemian
  • Stones: Jade, Moss Agate, Jasper
  • Material: Leather
  • Length: adjustable 19.5 inches (49 cm) + 3 closures 


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