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Nature Malachite Wrap Bracelet
Nature Malachite Wrap Bracelet
Nature Malachite Wrap Bracelet
Nature Malachite Wrap Bracelet

Nature Malachite Wrap Bracelet

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The Green Malachite is one of the most popular stone which balances the anxious emotions by removing old negative thoughts from the mind. It also provides the individual to preserve pure energy. This green mineral is a gemstone of protection for people who travel. It is also known as a stone of transformation. The lovely green mineral malachite also provides a gorgeous protective energy.

Jasper stone is used to prevent illness. It also heals and balances the chakras. It represents earthy and strong characteristics. This stone is excellent for someone searching for grounding and stability. Jasper stone has the benefits that, aids in quick thinking and promotes organizational abilities, and completing the projects in time. 

Wear this beautiful bracelet and become connected with nature on a deeper level. Jasper has the power to help lift spirits and bring feelings of happiness. The lovely malachite provides gorgeous protective energy. Feel your spirits lift, positive energies transcend, and watch your confidence skyrocket! 

Product Details

  • Product Type: Handcrafted Wrap Bracelet 
  • Natural Stone: Jasper, Malachite 
  • Material: Natural Stone, Metal, Leather
  • Size: Around 19.7 inches + 3 closures for adjustment 


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