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Hey astrology lovers,

The upcoming New Moon in Aquarius is still a time where you can manifest new intentions and engage in your moon rituals.

Aquarius is intelligent, innovative, open-minded, and starry-eyed. 

It is a sign that offers a platform to explore the ideas huddled in the backs of our brains - however crazy they may seem. 

Like a mad scientist, its energy asks us to embrace the out-of-the-box ideas and open ourselves up to world of possibilities. 

And this is extremely helpful energy to have around a New Moon.

Have you been wanting to start your own business or enroll in a new course, but you are afraid that you will do it alone and be judged by others? 

Time to ease those fears away and step up to a new challenge in your life because it is going to be an amazing experience.

It is time to explore the unexplored, think the unthinkable, and do what you have always dreamed.

Ok onto the three signs. If you are any of these signs, here is how you can go through this New Moon well.

Cancer: You're Working Through Intimacy Issues And Opening Up

What's standing in the way of your ability to let someone in? 

What's preventing you from being able to trust? 

This new moon may put you in situations where you have to ask yourself whether to put your guard down. 

While that guard is there to protect yourself, leaving it up for too long could prevent you from forming meaningful connections and allowing yourself to be known. 

Deep down, you know you want to be known, but you also want to set boundaries when they're necessary. 

Let this new moon help you find that balance so you will be able to forge new relationships.

Who knows? 

Scorpio: You're Dealing With Personal Issues Behind The Scenes

Is there something going on behind the curtains that nobody can see?

I myself also struggle with personal issues all the time and I can put on a very strong mask so nobody can see what is wrong with me deep down.

Let this new moon be your chance to take stock of the most sacred part of your world and do whatever it takes to both heal and improve it. 

This is a personal process, so don't let anyone dictate how you decide to do it.

If you need advice on spirituality or meditation, please do not hesitate to ask me or anyone in our community. We are here for you.

Pisces: You're Healing The Wounds You've Been Carrying

This new moon might feel more nostalgic than it usually does. 

While most new moons are about letting go and looking forward, you might find yourself looking backward and recounting everything you've been through.

Memories may start to arise; memories that might not be so easy to relive. 

So let this new moon point you in the direction of where the pain lies. 

Let it direct you to where you could use therapy, kindness, and understanding. Then do your best to give it to yourself.

Regardless of what sign you are, there is always something positive that we can look up to in our lives.

Wishing you a Happy New Moon.



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